Monday, December 31, 2012

Seeing in the dark

©2012 The Soulcerer's Apprentice
To have faith is an act of courage. To believe that we are loved and protected even in our darkest moments takes an insurmountable amount of bravery for it is nothing we control. Faith is not something we summon, it invokes us. This is the challenge to our survival: to feel the love even when we appear to be unloved, to know that our dreams are in process even if out of view, that lessons abound in what we don't yet understand, that there is love for each of us even when we are lonely, that peace is real even when discord is loudest, that we have everything we need even if we don't have everything we want, that we are strong even when we recognize our pain, that there is truth even when we doubt.

This year is ending tonight. For most of us it has been difficult. The dare is not to judge 2012 for it has been our teacher and we have survived it. Leave it all here tonight, in the now that will be your past. Leave your fears, your demands, your regrets and your guilt. Call forth all your fearlessness and bring that into 2013.

Celebrate and rejoice the year that is to come, believing in all good things. Have the courage to answer Faith's call, to see in the dark for there is a light...

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