Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Let there be peace

When I taught psychology of women and gender, I used to teach that the personal was political. As I reflect on the current war, my heart aches for the Ukrainian people, for the mothers and the fathers of those who are now fighting in this war, for the children who are now fighting in this war, for those of us who feel impotent, anxious and heartbroken over the violently manifested conflict that affects so many areas of so many people’s lives, some more devastatingly so. This occupies my heart and my mind today. And while we wait on what will happen next and what I as a person can do, I am meditating on the fact that the political is personal and the personal is political. My personal political statement is a call for peace. Today is a good day to ground ourselves in thoughts of peaceful resolution. Today is a good day to breathe slowly and deeply, to light a candle and pray: 

Peace in my heart
Peace in my mind
Peace in my body
Peace in home
Peace in my country

Peace in your heart
Peace in your mind
Peace in your body
Peace in your home
Peace in your country

Peace in Ukraine’s heart
Peace in Ukraine’s mind
Peace in Ukraine’s body
Peace in Ukraine’s home
Peace in Ukraine

Peace in my enemy’s heart
Peace in my enemy’s mind
Peace in my enemy’s body
Peace in my enemy’s home
Peace in my enemy’s country

Peace in our hearts
Peace in our minds
Peace in our bodies
Peace in our homes
Peace in our countries

Let there be peace