Friday, May 17, 2013

Our time together...

I drove my son to school a few mornings ago following our usual morning routine. We were both quiet. I sipped my coffee while he ate dry cereal from a plastic cup. My sipping, his chewing broke the silence–it broke our communication. Although we were not speaking, we were communicating. Our morning drive is a special time for us. We glance at each other and smile, we'll hold hands, I caress the back of his head, every now and then he picks up my hand and kisses it. Sometimes we will even talk, but our communication never ceases.

To be present in our relationships means to bring our full awareness to the time and the space we share with another. Communication is shared in full eye contact, listening to both spoken and body language, a tender touch, an affectionate tone of voice, light and love shared in silence. Being still, aware, present says to the other you matter to me.

Today is a good day to bring your full attention to your relationships. Let go of of any thoughts that take you away from this moment you share with someone who matters. Let go of your phone, your tablet, the newspaper, the tv. Make time and be there during your time together. It is an act of love.

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  1. Eso se llama verdadero amor..cuando trasciende mas que muchas palabras dichas!