Monday, May 6, 2013

Lessons in love

I am The Soulcerer's Apprentice. Big title. Simple definition. All this means is that I am forever a student of enlightenment. As a student of enlightenment, I learn and I share what I learn for none of the wisdom I come across is mine nor mine to keep.

Although I have developed certain habits that help me stay in tune with Spirit and in this learning path, I have recently forgotten some of the lessons I've learned. For instance, I have a fever. I've been thinking about it–my fever. Yet I only mentioned it out loud days after it started. I ignored dealing with it while still thinking about it instead of going within to figure out what was happening. I kept working and pushing myself, not honoring my body nor my spirit. There was no physical cause for my fever so I knew that something else was going on and I was reluctant to see it. There was either a spiritual or an emotional component to my fever.

I took a moment, and then another. I took a day, and then another. In those moments and in those days I reconnected through prayer and meditation. In prayer and meditation I remembered my Self. My fever lifted after I cleared the air of what was hurting me. After a few weeks of illness and disorientation, I am on the path I had been walking.

I forgot to live from a place of love–going back to old patterns of thought and behavior, ignoring commitments I had made to myself, addressing issues from ego. I got lost. Yet love rescued me. It rescues me every time–love from family, love from friends, love from all around, Love. I am thankful for this fever. It cracked my soul just enough to let Love in.

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