Monday, May 27, 2013

What dreams may come...

I love reading. Wait, that's not true. I loooooooove reading. I am constantly reading. I went on a date last night and my date was surprised that I was able to pull out two books out of my purse. Hey, you never know when you will be stuck in traffic, waiting too long or just bored with whatever is going on. I always carry a book (or two) with me. We started to talk about e-readers, iBooks, Kindle or Nook? We both have all three. He prefers the electronic version of any book. I, on the other hand, prefer the paper and ink kind, especially before going to sleep. The light in the e-reader activates the brain, even in the X-Ray mode in Kindle, which makes getting to full resting state take longer. It affects our ability to sleep.

I am very careful about what I read, what I do or what I think about right before going to sleep. Whatever I do at this time feeds my subconscious mind and my subconscious mind never sleeps. While I sleep, it takes what I have fed it and creates thoughts, possibilities and ideas. If my thoughts have been positive ones, my subconscious mind continues down that path of thought. If my thoughts have been negative, my subconscious mind will continue down that path as well. It has a tremendous effect on the energy I wake up with, on my feelings and capacity towards what I want to make happen in my life and on my general outlook. 

Have you had a dream in which the solution to a problem is revealed to you? That is the power of the subconscious mind. I have woken up with a feeling that I had an amazing vacation-like time. My body feels relaxed in the morning. I have also woken up from a dream and known what to do in a situation I didn't know what to do in before. 

Tonight is a good night to relax before going to sleep. Make a conscious effort to focus on a question you may have, a desire, something you wish to accomplish or a simple, positive mantra. Do not ruminate on what went wrong today or on the problems you see in your life. Give your mind something positive and beautiful to work with and then experience what dreams may come. 

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