Friday, May 24, 2013

In conclusion...

©2013 The Soulcerer's Apprentice
I have a nagging feeling that I left something undone. Or maybe it was something I didn't say. I am not sure. It is that feeling that I didn't really finish something, or end a relationship, or wrote what I needed to write, or helped as much as I could or taught everything I knew. I have that feeling of incompletion that lingers in us when we don't understand our purpose.

This feeling is paralyzing. When we feel this way we stop in our tracks and we don't move forward until we know the reason behind what happened. We become afraid of taking the next step until we understand. Yet it is taking that step that will lead us into knowing. I have learned that there is not always a conclusion, but an evolving into the next moment, the next lesson, the next undertaking, the next love, the next possibility.

If we are clear on our purpose, then we know instinctively what to do and when to leave. There's not necessarily a conclusion, but a phasing into the next path to follow. Our inner compass points the way. Today is a good day to let go of the what ifs, let go of any situation in which we are not growing or in which we have served our purpose and continue on our life's journey.

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