Friday, January 3, 2014

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I had a Marketing Management professor in college who used to say that the instructions on shampoo bottles to Wash. Rinse. Repeat. were a ploy to get us to spend more money by using more product than is necessary. If the shampoo was good, she said, repeating wouldn't be necessary. Yet there are other things that are worth doing over for their benefit comes with repetition.

People who are part of a church community attend religious services regularly to reinforce their faith. Many couples who have been married for years renew their vows to recommit to each other. Professionals attend continuing education classes to refresh their knowledge. On a daily basis, we brush our teeth, take our vitamins and supplements, exercise and sleep. Repeating all of these activities has a cumulative effect in us. Not doing them regularly makes it harder for our minds and our bodies to assimilate. Creating a habit becomes more difficult when we lack consistency and the benefits of the habit sometimes do not come to fruition.

Meditation is a wash-rinse-repeat daily activity. When practiced every day, we benefit that day and subsequently. As I meditated this morning, I noticed my mind was spinning with thoughts and my body was tense. I couldn't wait to finish my meditation. I kept thinking that I had so much to do. Yet, towards the end, I felt my bones relax and my mind become easy. At this point, I didn't want my meditation to end. After years of meditation, this is my daily experience. Throughout the day I will feel the effects of my meditation, I'm sure. Just as I feel the effects when I don't meditate.

Today is a good day to wash, rinse and repeat your meditation, morning run, prayer time, conversation with your children, new year's resolution habit or whatever it is that makes your life better with consistent practice. You may not end up with more shiny and beautiful hair, but you will enjoy a better attitude, a healthier body, a stronger relationship, a deeper appreciation for life, a clearer mind, sharper intuition and a more profound connection to Spirit.

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