Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are crazy...

Well, if you are crazy that means that there is a part of me that is crazy too. In order to know that you are crazy, cranky, selfish, a perfectionist, lazy, arrogant, vulgar, flirty, compulsive, a genius, generous, brave, creative, faithful, loving, polite, resourceful, considerate and fun I must recognize those traits in myself. We project who we are. And we attract what we are.

When we see ourselves in light of those who drive us crazy, we have an opportunity to change, to grow into our best self. When we see ourselves in light of those who inspire us, we have a chance to burn brighter, to continue unfolding into our true self.

I no longer wonder why the people who are in my life are in my life. I know, from a metaphysical position. There are people in my life who rub me the wrong way. When they do, I realize that I am capable of the behavior I criticize in them, that I am fearful of it or that it triggers negativity in me. I realize that I have inner work to do. Then there are people in my life who move me. They make me want to be a better person. There are also those who I admire. I see in them the traits that make me successful, kind and happy.

Who drives you crazy? Why? Who do you like? Why? Know that in the oneness of all, we are the same and that who we are is reflected in those around us. Maybe today we soften our gaze as we look at others and see them as an image of ourselves. Maybe today we inch a little closer to who we really are by what we recognize of ourselves in others, to say a-ha!, improve what displeases and unsettles us in others, to nurture and amplify what we appreciate, respect and enjoy in others as well.

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