Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We aim to love unconditionally, to love every side, every imperfection, every peculiarity of our lovers. When we think of unconditional love, this is what comes to mind–romantic, eternal love.

To love unconditionally, is to love the flaws of another, to understand them, to see beyond their reflexive reactions, to see them as they are and love them, to see them and not judge them, to be compassionate towards them, to want peace, well-being and happiness for them, to accept them, to forgive them every time. Yes, this means our lovers but it also means everyone else. Romantic love, filial love, fraternal love, puppy love and neighborly love are all types of love in which we can love unconditionally.

To love unconditionally also means to speak our truth, to share ourselves honestly and sincerely, to relate in love. This unconditional love can be shared, can last even when relationships change as in a breakup or separation of another kind. Unconditional love means loving, forgiving and accepting the being, not necessarily the doing. We can refuse the behavior of a loved one when it does not come from their highest self. We can refuse the behavior, let them go and still love them.

To love unconditionally is tough, I know. To love unconditionally is also joyful and satisfying. To love ourselves, to love the other in a more spiritual and expansive way, although not easy, is our target and so, we try over and over...unconditionally.

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