Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It works!

I am in the midsts of never-ending activity. We are busy. In two weeks we celebrate our big event of the year. It is a literary festival that begins in one capital city and ends in another capital city...in another country. My colleagues are the best in the industry. I count them as part of my blessings. We have fun, put tremendous effort into this and enjoy the harvest of a whole year's planting and tending. This, however, is not simple. We deal with daily complications, drawbacks, stumbling blocks, difficult personalities, government-agency bureaucracy and obstacles that result in high levels of anxiety and frustration. We are masters though. We handle it. Yet, it takes its toll. 

Some of us are not sleeping well either because we are pulling all-nighters or because worry is keeping us up. Some of us have fallen ill. Some of us have shortened our tempers. Some of us are ready to go into a self-created witness protection program or a psychiatric ward. I could be anyone of these and right when I felt like succumbing to the pressure I snapped my fingers and decided to go to what I know. 

Monday began with a long list of tasks to take charge of, meetings to go to, instances of having to be in two places at once. My head was pounding, my heart was racing and my mood was awful. I decided I would accomplish it all. So I dropped everything. Yes I did. 

I woke up and stayed in my darkened room. I rose slowly and mindfully became aware of everything I could sense–the chilly air from the air conditioner, the smell left over from the incense I burned the night before, the sliver of sunlight peeking in through the window, the faint birdsong coming from a few trees away, the silence still looming in the house. I resisted the urge to check my phone for messages and email. I sat for a while in easy pose on my bed with my eyes open, focused on my breath. I stayed there and meditated for a while. I didn't set an alarm. I don't know how long I meditated for. Somehow I knew when I was done. I felt ready. Somehow I knew what to do. 

Image from garmentsofthe5thdimension.com.
It was great. My list of things to do was still there, as were the meetings I had to attend and my responsibilities. With these, though, was a sense of calm and direction. I was able to accomplish many things. I was able to help. I was able to serve. Nothing changed, yet everything was different©. 

This is what my meditation practice has helped me be–strengthened, temperate, thankful, trusting. And with this comes the ability to enjoy what I do in every area of my life. I am able to be a bastion, to be strong yet allowing, to have an easy sense of things, to put things in perspective, to not assimilate the crisis mode around me, to be enthusiastic, efficient, positive, empathic, present, healthy, collaborative, assertive and supportive.  Meditation connects me to spiritual guidance. It helps me to connect with those I love, with those I collaborate with, with my friends, my family and those around me. 

After many years of practicing meditation, I am still sometimes surprised by its benefits. I found myself that Monday, sometime in the middle of the day, saying It works! I was calm, cool and collected in the middle of it all. How about you try it? What if it works for you? Today is a good day to begin with a thought of appreciation and a few minutes in meditation. Everything else will be waiting for you afterwards. The difference will be in the way you receive it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

It doesn't matter...

Image from c1.staticflickr.com.

Find a quiet spot. Make yourself comfortable. Smile. Take a deep, slow inhale. Exhale.

Another deep, slow inhale. Exhale slowly.

One more. In, slow and deep. Out, slow.

Continue to breathe normally throughout this exercise.

I fell.     It doesn't matter.

I lost.     It doesn't matter.

I failed.     It doesn't matter.

I did it wrong.     It doesn't matter.

I made a mistake.     It doesn't matter.

I am humiliated.     It doesn't matter.

I am embarrassed.     It doesn't matter.

I am being judged.     It doesn't matter.

I got up.     That matters.

I learned a lesson.     That matters.

I am wiser.     That matters.

I am looking forward.     That matters.

The past is gone.     That matters.

I let go of my mistakes.     That matters. 

I am, regardless of what others think of me.     That matters.

I am willing.     That matters.

I am hopeful.     That matters.

I am happy.     That matters.

I am joyful.     That matters.

I am here.     That matters.

I am now.     That matters.

Inhale, slow and deep. Exhale. What matters today is what we give importance to. In this moment, choose to let go of what doesn't matter. Breathe. Make room for what matters. Live from that place. Go.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Return to sender

Every now and then, I make no sense. I am enjoying a beautiful day, experiencing productivity at its highest, having a wonderful time with friends or richly enjoying love. Out of the blue, the mood changes. There's an insistance in the air for conflict. But where is it coming from? I know it's not mine.

Then I remember that everything is energy. I think again, everything is energy: the meditation pillow I sit on, the music streaming from my tablet, the flame flicking from my altar, my thoughts, your thoughts, all thoughts. Moreover, I remember that everything begins there, in a thought. A thought, creates a feeling and an emotion is born. The thought, the feeling and the emotion are powerful carriers of an intention. It is creation. It is an energetic force. Someone's thought has created a charge that has affected me supersensorially. 

It happens to many of us. We lose patience and tolerance when all is going well. We then act from our short temper, our anger, our impatience making wrong and impulsive decisions. And then we wonder how we screwed things up when everything was going fine, when we felt we were heading in the right direction, when everything seemed so lined up. We didn't. We just allowed an energy, an intention that wasn't ours, in. This may be jealousy and envy–even if not intentional–or plain, old ill-will. This is not an option to blame forces outside of ourselves for our moods or our actions. It is a tool for self-awareness.

When we feel that rumbling, we take action. Our action is simple. We disallow. We claim our space. We call on our own intentions for goodness to prevail, for our path to remain unpolluted, for our energy to be more powerful. We remain true to ourselves and not succumb to low-dragging vibes. When we feel that our frequency wants to change downward in spite of ourselves, then we can send this energy, this intention back, just like we would a letter we don't want to open or a gift we don't want to accept. We return it to the sender. 

Image from artbygaia.com.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I have only seen quicksand in movies. My favorite quicksand scene includes Indiana Jones and a big snake. In real life, I have never been close to something like it. Metaphorically speaking though, I have been in it many times. I have been in those situations that seem to suck me in whole. And although real quicksand is not as dangerous as we imagine, our perceptual quicksand is.

Image from 1.bp.blogspot.com.
Our circumstances, as we perceive them to be, can suck us whole. They can be hard to get out of. And, just as in real quicksand, the more we fight a difficult situation, the more we sink into it. When we find ourselves in a tough position, in an unbearable situation, in circumstances that are beyond what we think we can endure, we need to surrender to it. What is this situation telling me? What changes do I need to make? What do I need to let go of? When we find ourselves sinking, desperate, scared, not knowing what to do, we cannot see clearly or think coherently. Our thoughts are impaired by our emotional state and any decision we make in that frame of mind is reactive.

When we are caught in quicksand, the way out is relaxing. We surrender to silence, to stillness. This is not passive. On the contrary. In silence and stillness we strengthen our hearts and mind without doing. We listen to something more than words. It is a whisper, a knowing that comes from inside of us, an intuitive guidance, an A-Ha, I understand, revelation, discernment, tranquility, peace. It is within us that the confusion subsides, not by doing, struggling and extraneous effort, but by allowing Spirit to come through in the place where it is not drowned out by the noise of the world. Let us stop fighting against what sucks us in and let our Inner Being lift us up and out of the muck.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't look down

Image from blog.opovo.com.br.
On our journey we aspire to be better people each day. We make an effort to understand better, know more, feel better, be more compassionate, content and full of joy. As we walk in that direction, we develop new habits, new ways of thinking and new priorities. We also discern better and are more focused on our purpose and our dreams. This walk is on higher ground. It is a walk in self-awareness, in a state of higher-awareness. We vibrate at a higher frequency–one in which we have more faith and less fear, more peace of mind and less anger, more direction and less doubt, more harmony and less conflict, more equanimity, joy and love. We are centered and authentic. When we, on our path to a better version of ourselves, raise our energy vibrations we may leave others behind–not because we are better than they are (we are not) nor because they are not welcome along (they are)–but because we cannot stay in a place we have grown out of. We have moved. Out task then is not to look down–not down on anyone else, not down that we may lose our balance and fall back into old patterns of thinking and behaving. We now have to hold on to what we have learned, what we have understood and what we know to not be dragged down by insecurities, gossip, criticism, guilt, obligation, anger, violence, desperation, fear and attempts to control. When tempted to look down or when we are being pulled down, a shift in thought to thoughts of appreciation, kindness and empathy brings us back up into a higher-vibrating field of energy where our thoughts, actions, words and radiance can help bring others up and keep us from looking down, falling down, being down.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The next right step

Find a comfortable spot in which to sit. Sit. Cross your legs, or don't. Be comfortable. Take a deep, slow breath in. Count to three. Exhale.

Blur your vision just a bit. Relax the muscles in your face. Breathe softly, naturally.

Relax your neck. Continue a natural, soft breath throughout.

Relax your shoulders. Feel as though soft hands are washing down the tension you carry.

Relax your arms down. Shake them just a bit.

Feel the bones in your back. They relax while gently holding you up. Breathe.

As your body relaxes, so does your anxiety. You are clear. You know what you want. You have a vision. It is in progress.

Relax your expectations.

In this moment, ask for guidance.

          What is the next right step?

Place your right hand over your heart. Breathe into that space. Ask.

          What is the next right step?

Feel the beat of your heart. Breathe there. Relax. Ask.

          What is the next right step?

There are no demands on you right now. You have set everything in motion.

Feel the beat of your heart relax. Breathe. Relax. Ask.

          What do I need to know? What is the next right step? 

Stay a few minutes. Breathe. Ask.

Breathe one long, slow inhale. Exhale.

Take any action your are moved to take today. Be open. Be willing. Know. Go.

Image from lightobscura.com.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The chicken or the egg...

Image from fc02.deviantart.net.
That is the question, isn't it? What comes first? The chicken or the egg? Do we achieve what we want to feel happy or do we feel happy to achieve what we want? I know. They are not exactly the same question, but those two questions are brain-teasers and a mystery to many of us.

This is a personal choice for each of us. We can decide to postpone our happiness as a reward for achieving a specific goal or we can decide to be happy now and let that attitude infuse our process. It is a matter of changing the order from achieving then feeling happy to being happy then achieving. This change in order implies a detachment from a specific outcome, an inner knowing that all will be well, an openness to new and fresh paths and a willingness to say yes to being spontaneous and joyous in the flow of life. It is a matter of being rather than some-thing or some state to attain.

How about changing the order? Today is a good day to give it a try. Feel good, feel joyful, feel happy. Make that choice and continue your process. Don't make your happiness depend on any one thing happening, on any one circumstance change. Be happy and let that be the cause that inspires your life-choices, your path, the course of this day, the interactions you have with others, your relationships, what you attract and your overall outlook on life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost there

I have a dream of making it big. I don't particularly care for fame, but I do want to do something important. I want to do it for those I love, for those I want to serve and for myself. Once I get there, I will be so happy.

I have to admit, though, that I am pretty happy right now. I haven't always felt this way, but a few years ago I came across the notion that I could choose to be happy despite what my current life condition was. It took a couple of years for me to get the hang of it, but then, I was there, at happy, no matter what.

Getting what we want, to where we want, to how we want it is a process. It is different for everyone and how we choose to go about it makes all the difference. We can learn, grow, have fun, stumble, get up, enjoy, redefine and refocus. Or we can struggle, bemoan, complain and resent our opportunities for personal evolution.

Getting what we want brings with it new experiences we may have not anticipated–new tasks, responsibilities and challenges–and then we may realize we want something else. We keep moving the goal and postponing our happiness. We are forever almost there, almost happy. Buying a house, moving to a new city, opening up a business, retiring, getting a new job or promotion, having a baby, completing an academic degree–we don't get there without the process, but the process doesn't happen without the dream, without the goal. We have to appreciate and enjoy both.

Image from michaelpalladino.net.
We tend to postpone happiness until we get there, but what if we change course? Then what? What if the course is the point of it all? What if we look at our dream from where we are right now, look at where we are right now and enthusiastically look forward to the path to get to where we want to be? What if we consider this and realize that we are there, at happy?

Monday, September 15, 2014

My secret superpower

Image from thoughtsandvisions-searle88.blogspot.com.
As kids, we would all watch cartoons. There was always a super hero or two in each episode who impressed us. We wished we had their superpowers. Imagining we could climb buildings with spider-like ease or breathe under water while commanding sea creatures were fun thoughts we would get lost in in our spare time. And we had plenty of spare time back then when we didn’t have so many cable channels, game consoles, tablets and the internet.

There were times at school or in our neighborhoods in which things didn’t run as smoothly as we wished. We got bullied, were made fun of or were alienated by the older kids. Other times, somebody else got the undivided attention of our crush or there was a particular teacher that would get on our case constantly. It was then that we wished we had super-strength, super-looks, a powerful mechanical suit, millionaire parents, the power to turn invisible or x-ray vision so we could overcome these challenges in swift and magical ways. Yet to really face and overcome these challenges in a heroic manner, we need to develop new skills to surmount difficult situations in a respectable way for ourselves. We fine tune social skills that help us come out ahead, learn to appreciate the abilities and enjoy the company of a quieter and more intelectual bunch, learn how to connect with people outside our traditional hangouts, develop a knack for comedy to diffuse tense situations with humor, discover the power of empathy, the strength of words and realize we are not powerless in any challenging situation. Thus we develop our personal powers, our interpersonal strengths. Mine is the power of laughter. I am very good with humor and I make my power stronger by practicing it as a comedian in my spare time. It is something I take pleasure in and share with others.

As a sign of our times, this need to fine tune and revamp our social skills is hampered by video games and the overwhelming availability of entertainment on the internet. These don’t make it imperative for us to break out of our shell. And as adults we face more complex situations that require greater resolve and skill, situations in which we would indeed have very good use of some kind of special superpower. These days we have the choice to chide away from the opportunity to grow and take refuge in the comfort of a fictitious virtual world, play games that make us feel powerful, even if deceivingly so, or develop several social media profiles that boost our ego and need for approval. Instead we could seize the opportunity to face with the same heroic determination our situations and challenges. That’s what I did. In the process I developed a superpower.

My superpower is not easily shared, as it is not easily understood, for only remaining focused with steel-like determination, remaining unbreakably calm as we face the onslaught of uncertainty and the unknown consequences of others’ actions, only with profound and sagacious clarity of purpose can this superpower be activated. In times of great peril we must make heroic choices. This is when I gather all of my strength and will to manifest my superpower. I have the power to change the future and the secret source of my superpower is meditation.

Meditation, my secret source of power, helps me remain clear, calm and undisturbed by events or attitudes beyond my control. Meditation helps me remain focused on my goals and dreams without being attached to outcomes, that I may vibrate at the frequency I have chosen and manifest in my life the joy, love, health and abundance that I aspire to make part of my daily life. Meditation centers me on the now so I can make assertive choices today that will transform my future–choices not based on ego, not based on reflex reactions to the environments’ negative or egotistical stimuli. Through meditation I acquire the superpower to remain calm and collected to understand the dynamics that I am participating in and am a part of so that I can assert the adequate course of action, one that reflects compassion, love and joy. In meditation I come to trust in the omniscient wisdom of Spirit and the path that I am on.


Friday, September 12, 2014


Look to your feet. Walk a few steps. Appreciate how one foot goes before the other and, though it takes both to take you where you want to go, only one foot can go at a time. Otherwise, we lose our balance and fall.

This is a meditation for when we are feeling overwhelmed. 

Breathe deeply. Exhale. 

Stand where you are. Breathe normally throughout this exercise.

Imagine you are on a winding path.

On this path you do not know what lies ahead. You take one step, then another, then another...

Do not anticipate what is to come. Continue walking.

Enjoy the unexpected scene. It winds and so you cannot see what is ahead, but what is right before you is enough. 

As you walk the path, do not be tempted to think in advance, do not interfere with what is going on.

You are not looking for anything. There are no demands on you. 

This path is quiet and welcoming. With each step you leave behind tension, worry, stress. With each step you are more relaxed, comfortable and calm. 

Take a few more steps. Feel only the action of one foot, then the other.

Be on this path a few more minutes. Enjoy your steps. One at a time.

Breathe deeply. Count to three. Exhale. 

Carry with you this feeling of tranquility. Remember it as you reenter your day. Only one at a time...one of anything.

Photo from magictails.com.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where are you?

I am so excited about my goals. I have narrowed down my list to those I want to focus on right now. I have a tendency to dream big and, although there's no conflict for me in dreaming big, this time I want these oh-so-badly that I am willing to squint my eyes a bit to focus only on them. This entails many things. One of them is to align my habits with my goals. 

Many times we want something, plan for it, talk about it, dream about it, but what we do, what we say and what we think are pointing in another direction. We say we want it, but follow that with the reasons it's so difficult to do it. We think we want it, but couple that with thoughts of jealousy and resentment for others who may have achieved the goal we want for ourselves. We want to do something, but do things that interfere or take us away from the path of our goal. Sometimes, we don't even show up. 

Where are you today? In terms of what you want your life experience to be, where are you? Are you with it or are you someplace else? Are you planning yet staying on the page? In other words, are you planning and only planning? Are you telling everyone about what you will do, but don't actually do it resting on the false sense of security telling others brings? Are you focusing your thoughts on the goal but procrastinating with one excuse or another? Are you clear and certain about what you want, but are unfocused. Are you everywhere but here with your goal? 

Today is a good day to align our habitual thoughts, words and actions with what we want our present and future reality to be. Let's be here, now, with our inner selves, focused on our purpose and intention. Let's line up our habits with our intentions so that we are where we want to be. 

Image from orchidmandala.files.wordpress.com.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pros & Cons

Image from holistic-intuitive.com.
I have a decision to make. It's a tough one. I am being very careful about it because it involves many things and many people. I made a list of pros and cons. I am reading too, researching, consulting, thinking. I am calling in my pragmatism and my logical mind in order to decide. I still can't do it. I am afraid of making the wrong decision. Why is this so difficult?

It is not. I am making it difficult by overanalyzing, looking for answers everywhere when I already know that the answer is somewhere within. There's my source of power. My critical, fearful thoughts are blocking my intuition. I forget that when I connect to the silence and stillness within, the answers arrive. I don't have to struggle for them. I just have to know that. I then stumble upon the right book or the right article, meet the right expert, overhear a conversation with the right advice or come up with fresh insight. I carry this quiet composure with me opening myself up to answers, solutions and alternatives.

Today is a good day to stop overthinking and go inside yourself. Go in without pressure. Making a decision from a place of anxiety and doubt is tough. Making a decision from a place of peace and clarity of mind is not. Meditation alleviates the confusion by getting us to that place of equanimity abounding in wisdom and awakened intuition.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The spiral down

Photo from fc07.devianart.net.
There you are, everything seems ok enough. Then, before you know it, you start spiralling down. The spiral down starts with a thought. It is usually an intolerant thought, an impatient thought, a thought that justifies resentment, anger, jealousy, hostility, animosity and separation. One thought leads to another, even if not at the forefront, and you find yourself in a full-on descent into negativity, accusations, yelling, contention, bickering, defensiveness, estrangement or worse. Once you start falling, it seems hard and painful to stop the plunge.

Fortunately, the spiral up also starts with one thought–a recognition of love. A thought of appreciation, gratitude, consideration, sympathy, friendship, affection and gentleness can wind us back up. Today is a good day to catch ourselves on the edge. Let's circle our thoughts around an offering of goodwill that we may uplift each other rather than bring each other down. Let's consider, respect, honor, acknowledge, value, be appreciative of and accept each other and so help keep ourselves and others from falling into the maelstrom and its destructive effects. Today is a good day to see beyond resentments, hostility and indignation through to another, to the Being in another, to the light in another. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

May I?

Photo from 3.bp.blogspot.com.
I live in a community abounding in creativity, not just in all artistic disciplines, but in other areas as well–business, economy, ecology, education and government, among others. I am in awe many times at the depths and widths of the imagination I encounter in others. I am saddened, however, at the fear that many times accompanies it. It's as though they are waiting for permission to act on this inventiveness. Permission for what?, you may ask. Ah, there's the conundrum.

It's not so much the practical matters that hinder us from creating, but that we seek encouragement, approval and the blessing of others, especially those we look up to and admire, in order to step into our greatness. We look for these also in our colleagues, our peers and even those we compete with. We ask for permission to freely be who we want to be. But what we really seem to be looking for is for is a guarantee that we will not experience the repercussions we imagine we'll have–rejection, humiliation, judgment, interference, obstruction, controversy, wrong impressions and condemnation. We seem to also be looking for an assurance that we will always be approved of and a protection against failure or the results of it.

Receiving the approval of others feels nice, but this can change at any moment. Focusing on receiving this support deflects our point of attention from what we want to achieve, our dreams and our goals to a desire for approval. We focus on what's missing. We divert our energy. We deplete our creative power in the search for acceptance, acknowledgment and approval. This search, this waiting, has led many of us to do what we "should" instead of what moves and excites us, to lead lives of frustration and resentment. 

No one will ask us to step into our greatness, nor will anyone give us self-confidence, enthusiasm and passion to go forth with our inspired contribution to this human experience. It's time we give ourselves permission, allow ourselves to do, explore and go after what we want. It's time we embody our creativity. 

May I? Don't ask. Go. Be. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cut the cord

Stare straight ahead towards the horizon. Blur your eyes.

Inhale deeply. Exhale. Continue to breathe normally throughout this visualization.

Close your eyes.

Imagine your bare feet in shallow water. This water extends in all directions around you, as far as your eyes can see. There's a red cord tied around your wrist. On its other end, it is tied to a floating deck. On the deck is that mistake you made, and the other, and those choices you regret, and your feelings of guilt, your indecision, your loveless actions, your grudges, what you have said and done that keeps you in pain, your failures, your thoughts about what has been done to you, what you have not forgiven. On the deck is everything that keeps you bitter, angry, insecure, mistrustful and fearful. Follow the cord to the deck. Look on that pile of past and forgive yourself. Only your judgment matters here. You have scissors. Cut the cord. Let the float go. Release your past. Be thankful. Turn around. Where will you go? Go.

Photo from davidji.com.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Your files are out of alignment. You have no connection to the internet. These are fighting words coming from my computer in the middle of my work day. What do you mean my files are out of alignment?! How do these files get out of alignment? From regular use of our systems, of course. That's what they tell me.

That is scary. One moment everything is in order, everything is working fine and the next moment the computer does not recognize it's own information. What are our options? Not use them to keep them from corrupting themselves? No. We maintain them with programs that align files, defragment separated parts and remove viruses.

Photo from c1.staticflickr.com.
I was thinking about this because I just had my chakras balanced. I feel so good. I can tell a difference in the way I am processing the day and in the way I am handling things. I don't want to lose this feeling. I don't want to my chakras to get out of alignment, out of balance. I was tempted to go home and lay in bed. I didn't want to do, say or think anything that would undo the balancing.

This is where meditation, yoga and prayer come in. At any moment during the day I am perfectly capable of egotistical, self-depricating, unforgiving, fractured and alienating behavior. This is how I get my self out of balance. My mind, body and spirit can work on their own creating disconnection and all sorts of havoc or they can harmonize creating a feeling of calm, tranquility and peace. Everything seems to compute much better when I keep up my practice, when I implement a regular program to keep aligned, defragmented and ailment-free.

We cannot be afraid of getting our files out of alignment. We cannot be afraid of life. We have to participate, make choices, commune with others and work, among many other things. Everything we do has an effect on the next thing we do, on others, on our physical and psychic environments and in our selves–all of our selves. Every now and then, balancing our chakras is a good thing to do, but maintaining a regular practice of silence, stillness and right movement can keep us from disconnection and misalignment.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Photo from creativeartstudio.com.
Last night I went to see a friend. We had not had a chance to talk in a long time. He asked me How are you? and I couldn't help but be sincere with him. I have a long-standing habit of guarding myself, of putting on a mask of answering with an I am super, or an Everything is just fine. And although I really believe in everything being fine, what I have been doing is creating a block between the healing that comes through friendship, affection, love and companionship and my wounded places, the parts in me that need wisdom, nurturing and care.

He laid me down and just asked one thing of me: Close your eyes, breathe deeply and with every breath carry an intention. I did. Willingly. No resistance. He balanced my chakras and practiced reiki on me, channeling universal life energy between his hands and my pain, pain I didn't even know I was feeling. After we talked, after we shared, after I opened up, after I received, after I allowed his advice, his concern and his care in, I left not really understanding what happened in the last few hours. But now I know. It was very simple. I let my guard down, I allowed, I listened, I received.

As I left his apartment I felt light, joyful, thankful. The night air, the empty street, the drizzling rain all felt new to me. I was not preoccupied, sad or in a hurry to get anywhere in particular. Good bye took a while and I didn't notice. This is my healing. To let others in.

I still believe that everything is fine. I just have to allow in those things that will help keep everything fine. I just have to let healing in–in all the forms it comes in.

Today is a good day to put our guards down, to stop pretending we have it all together and let healing in. All this means is to be attentive to the Universe's care. Compassion, understanding, relief and care are active forces. They are not just offered and given, they must be received.