Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pros & Cons

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I have a decision to make. It's a tough one. I am being very careful about it because it involves many things and many people. I made a list of pros and cons. I am reading too, researching, consulting, thinking. I am calling in my pragmatism and my logical mind in order to decide. I still can't do it. I am afraid of making the wrong decision. Why is this so difficult?

It is not. I am making it difficult by overanalyzing, looking for answers everywhere when I already know that the answer is somewhere within. There's my source of power. My critical, fearful thoughts are blocking my intuition. I forget that when I connect to the silence and stillness within, the answers arrive. I don't have to struggle for them. I just have to know that. I then stumble upon the right book or the right article, meet the right expert, overhear a conversation with the right advice or come up with fresh insight. I carry this quiet composure with me opening myself up to answers, solutions and alternatives.

Today is a good day to stop overthinking and go inside yourself. Go in without pressure. Making a decision from a place of anxiety and doubt is tough. Making a decision from a place of peace and clarity of mind is not. Meditation alleviates the confusion by getting us to that place of equanimity abounding in wisdom and awakened intuition.

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