Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't look down

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On our journey we aspire to be better people each day. We make an effort to understand better, know more, feel better, be more compassionate, content and full of joy. As we walk in that direction, we develop new habits, new ways of thinking and new priorities. We also discern better and are more focused on our purpose and our dreams. This walk is on higher ground. It is a walk in self-awareness, in a state of higher-awareness. We vibrate at a higher frequency–one in which we have more faith and less fear, more peace of mind and less anger, more direction and less doubt, more harmony and less conflict, more equanimity, joy and love. We are centered and authentic. When we, on our path to a better version of ourselves, raise our energy vibrations we may leave others behind–not because we are better than they are (we are not) nor because they are not welcome along (they are)–but because we cannot stay in a place we have grown out of. We have moved. Out task then is not to look down–not down on anyone else, not down that we may lose our balance and fall back into old patterns of thinking and behaving. We now have to hold on to what we have learned, what we have understood and what we know to not be dragged down by insecurities, gossip, criticism, guilt, obligation, anger, violence, desperation, fear and attempts to control. When tempted to look down or when we are being pulled down, a shift in thought to thoughts of appreciation, kindness and empathy brings us back up into a higher-vibrating field of energy where our thoughts, actions, words and radiance can help bring others up and keep us from looking down, falling down, being down.

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