Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where are you?

I am so excited about my goals. I have narrowed down my list to those I want to focus on right now. I have a tendency to dream big and, although there's no conflict for me in dreaming big, this time I want these oh-so-badly that I am willing to squint my eyes a bit to focus only on them. This entails many things. One of them is to align my habits with my goals. 

Many times we want something, plan for it, talk about it, dream about it, but what we do, what we say and what we think are pointing in another direction. We say we want it, but follow that with the reasons it's so difficult to do it. We think we want it, but couple that with thoughts of jealousy and resentment for others who may have achieved the goal we want for ourselves. We want to do something, but do things that interfere or take us away from the path of our goal. Sometimes, we don't even show up. 

Where are you today? In terms of what you want your life experience to be, where are you? Are you with it or are you someplace else? Are you planning yet staying on the page? In other words, are you planning and only planning? Are you telling everyone about what you will do, but don't actually do it resting on the false sense of security telling others brings? Are you focusing your thoughts on the goal but procrastinating with one excuse or another? Are you clear and certain about what you want, but are unfocused. Are you everywhere but here with your goal? 

Today is a good day to align our habitual thoughts, words and actions with what we want our present and future reality to be. Let's be here, now, with our inner selves, focused on our purpose and intention. Let's line up our habits with our intentions so that we are where we want to be. 

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