Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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Last night I went to see a friend. We had not had a chance to talk in a long time. He asked me How are you? and I couldn't help but be sincere with him. I have a long-standing habit of guarding myself, of putting on a mask of answering with an I am super, or an Everything is just fine. And although I really believe in everything being fine, what I have been doing is creating a block between the healing that comes through friendship, affection, love and companionship and my wounded places, the parts in me that need wisdom, nurturing and care.

He laid me down and just asked one thing of me: Close your eyes, breathe deeply and with every breath carry an intention. I did. Willingly. No resistance. He balanced my chakras and practiced reiki on me, channeling universal life energy between his hands and my pain, pain I didn't even know I was feeling. After we talked, after we shared, after I opened up, after I received, after I allowed his advice, his concern and his care in, I left not really understanding what happened in the last few hours. But now I know. It was very simple. I let my guard down, I allowed, I listened, I received.

As I left his apartment I felt light, joyful, thankful. The night air, the empty street, the drizzling rain all felt new to me. I was not preoccupied, sad or in a hurry to get anywhere in particular. Good bye took a while and I didn't notice. This is my healing. To let others in.

I still believe that everything is fine. I just have to allow in those things that will help keep everything fine. I just have to let healing in–in all the forms it comes in.

Today is a good day to put our guards down, to stop pretending we have it all together and let healing in. All this means is to be attentive to the Universe's care. Compassion, understanding, relief and care are active forces. They are not just offered and given, they must be received.

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