Friday, September 19, 2014

The next right step

Find a comfortable spot in which to sit. Sit. Cross your legs, or don't. Be comfortable. Take a deep, slow breath in. Count to three. Exhale.

Blur your vision just a bit. Relax the muscles in your face. Breathe softly, naturally.

Relax your neck. Continue a natural, soft breath throughout.

Relax your shoulders. Feel as though soft hands are washing down the tension you carry.

Relax your arms down. Shake them just a bit.

Feel the bones in your back. They relax while gently holding you up. Breathe.

As your body relaxes, so does your anxiety. You are clear. You know what you want. You have a vision. It is in progress.

Relax your expectations.

In this moment, ask for guidance.

          What is the next right step?

Place your right hand over your heart. Breathe into that space. Ask.

          What is the next right step?

Feel the beat of your heart. Breathe there. Relax. Ask.

          What is the next right step?

There are no demands on you right now. You have set everything in motion.

Feel the beat of your heart relax. Breathe. Relax. Ask.

          What do I need to know? What is the next right step? 

Stay a few minutes. Breathe. Ask.

Breathe one long, slow inhale. Exhale.

Take any action your are moved to take today. Be open. Be willing. Know. Go.

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