Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning meditation

Today, take a few minutes for yourself. Practice this short meditation to strengthen your mind and to align your spirit with Spirit. Then go...take the day on.

Sit comfortably...

Breathe one long breath in through your nose...breathe out a longer exhale through your mouth.

Breathe another long breath in through your nose...breathe out another longer exhale through your mouth.

Breathe in...                    Breathe out...

With your next inhale, breathe in your intention for today.                Exhale every obstacle.

Breathe in your intention.           Breathe out your doubt.

Breathe in your intention.           Breathe out your fear.

Breathe in your intention.           Breathe out your pain.

Breathe in your intention, smile.           Breathe out, sigh.

Breathe in, allow.          Breathe out resistance.

Breathe in, you are supported.           Breathe out, smile.

Breathe in, you are loved and protected.           Breathe out, smile.

Breath in, you are understood.          Breath out, sit taller.

Breathe in, you are calm.           Breathe out, all is well.

Breathe in, feel.          Breathe out, let go.

Breathe in, you are ready.          Breathe out, go.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

From micro-peace to macro-peace...

The news are grim. Another war. Another big war. We sit at the edge of our seats waiting for an update. Meanwhile, we call out the reasons for the war. We study, we read, we analyze, we place blame, we offer fixes. Bomb, let's get it over with. Don't bomb, let's have another talk. We sit around complaining, criticizing, accusing and condemning those who are in charge of global political, governmental and national relations. We feel powerless. We are at their mercy, we think.

The good news is that we do have power. We have the power to change our hearts and the way we think. Instead of praying for a stop to the war, we can pray for peace. Instead of commiserating with the communal rhetoric, we can start to change our speech, our thoughts and our feelings. Our power is in our personal influence. Peace starts at the micro-level: in our hearts. We practice peace by being patient, listening, understanding, tolerating, being compassionate, respectful and kind, not blaming or finding fault in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, work places and with ourselves. This energy extends out to those around us and then out from them to those around them. This is the way to peace. We start within–with our thoughts, our actions and our words. Peace can be spread the same way hate is. We can choose peace.

It is difficult to believe that we could exert change when we are but one person in a world that is so confused, hurt and always ready for a fight. Yet we didn't get here overnight and it will take a while to change it on the macro level. However, we can change our immediate world and that of our spouses, children, friends, lovers, neighbors, co-workers and communities by becoming the peace that we seek. We can't wait for the greed, the disorder and the misunderstanding to subside in order for us to feel at peace. We must be peace to so create it. It is in peace that we will come together to build a better world, one in which there is room for all in peaceful coexistence. Today is a good day for you to practice peace. Start this moment, where you are.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I can't help you

Imagine you are at a restaurant, you have a menu, you read it, you know what's available. The server asks for your order, but you're not entirely sure what to ask for so you ask for another minute. You know you're hungry, you just don't know what you want to eat. The server returns and you say to him I'm hungry. That's all you can tell him. Well, he can't help you.

In our quest for fulfillment and motivation, we must first be clear what we want from anyone, anything or any situation. This is the first step in any new direction we want to take or any change we want to make. Simply knowing what we don't want will not get us the change we desire. And being unclear about what we want can bring about undesirable results. We must be clear.

In our restaurant example, not being clear will not get us what we want to eat. It may actually not even get us any food. Once you know that you want to make a change, getting specific not only will help you discern right from diverted action, it will send out signals and put you at the right place, with the right people under the right circumstances in a synergistic and synchronistic fulfillment of intentions. In other words, clarity of intention clears the way for you. You will not waste time and will know what to do.

Take the time to decipher what you want. Another job? Do you want it in your current career field or in  something completely different? Do you want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose ten pounds in ten weeks? Do want to be healthier? Or do you want to have more energy to play with your kids or to lower your cholesterol? Do you want to have more fun? Or do you want to travel once a year to a different place, learn to dance salsa or play golf with your friends once a week? Whatever it is, name it. Otherwise the Universe will respond with I can't help you.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Many years ago I stopped watching, reading or listening to the news first thing in the morning. I needed a respite from the pain, the sorrow, the negativity and the pessimism. The morning news tainted my days with feelings of despair, impotence, anger and fear. The economic crisis, escalating violence, warring nations, government corruption, the increased brutality of crime and more made me feel small and powerless. The fact that I don't read the news in the morning does not change our current conditions, but it changes what I can do about them.

Every great movement in any direction begins with a thought, a desire, a wish for something to happen. It starts on the individual level. If we want great change, we must start with ourselves, in our circle. We cannot continue to contribute to the choir of negative voices. This only keeps us spinning in place and adding to inefficiency and lack of solutions.

Judging seems easy when we read about parents who throw away a young child. We would never do that. Yet condemning the parents, calling them names and asking for them to be stoned is not the solution. We must lift ourselves up and into a peaceful way of living that by our example we minimize these occurrences. We live in a world where we don't tolerate each other, much less respect one another. If we just started by respecting ourselves and those around us–at home, at work, in our community–we could start a ripple of patience and level-headedness. We live in a macho world in which both men and women try to get ahead by whatever means possible from the smallest issue, such as who's ahead at a traffic light, to big ones. We don't know how to handle our anger and we don't have support systems to help us. We have no outlets for our frustrations. We should be our support systems, helping one another, understanding one another, lifting each other up. We should be able to see the rise in temperature in our neighbor's family and help. We should be able to feel the rise in temperature in ourselves and find someone to talk to without being judged, punished or rejected.

I read the news, after I have had a chance to meditate, pray and bolster myself up. Meditation and prayer help me channel what angers me and what I don't understand. In this practice, I also find a sense of calm that helps me as complications come up, as I read the news, as life goes on. With this sense of calm, I am able to find my way about something, how I can contribute, answers, guidance and direction. I then do what I can. I start with my son, my family, my friends, those I love, and those I don't, in my immediate perimeter. I am open to their needs. The ripple starts. They in turn become open to others. They start their own ripple.

Violence does not bring about peace. This includes physical acts of violence as well as thoughts and words of violence. All the anger in the world will not make a child feel loved. Only love can do that. Let's start a ripple of understanding, love and comfort that we may change for the better, change our surroundings for the better, our world for the better. Let us not block our potential for great changes with thoughts of judgment. We don't condone and we don't justify the wrong actions of others. But we cannot break the cycle of violence, intolerance, war and crime if we keep our thoughts there. Today, release your anger about the world. Open your heart. Be willing. With an open heart and mind and a willingness to cooperate you will receive inspiration and strength and so be an instrument for positive change.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The beauty of tears

Last night I sat with a friend by my pool to write. The soft lights brought out the bluegreen and the breeze lifted up the smell of the salt in the water. Our salt-water pool is not the ocean, yet it's as close as I can come to the water without having to drive. While we sat there, I kept going back to the water. There's something about salt water, something healing and cleansing, something wonderful, something much like tears.

There is something beautiful in tears. Crying brings about a release of emotion, stress, hormones and built-up chemicals in the body. It's why we feel good after a good cry. It's an expression and it acknowledges what moves us. Feelings move through our soul and our body restoring balance to both. Crying relieves our sadness. It washes away the accumulation of pain, fear, anticipation, confusion, grief, tension and more leaving a clean slate to receive wisdom, inspiration, clarity and relief. Clear thinking, more leveled feelings, empathy, understanding and compassion result from crying. Crying can be the beginning of a renewal of spirit.

The next time you feel like crying, don't hold it in. Feel and be vulnerable. Cry. Clear the air, your heart, your mind and your body. Experience and enjoy the beauty of tears.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cocky people

I am listening to the radio to a song that is very popular now. It's one of those that makes your hips come alive and that you can't get out of your head for the rest of the day. The artist is praising himself in song. I smile. He's so darn's cute. He is successful, wealthy, famous, influential and by all accounts, happy. We should all be so cocky.

He is not a great singer. His lyrics are banal. He is like many contemporary artists, except that there is a staying power about him. There's an element that stands him out from the rest of the crowd. He's not really cocky, he just has an absolute belief in his vision.

People like him hold on to their intentions and stay in vibrational alignment–body, mind and spirit–to their Source. They understand their purpose and do their part in accomplishing it. They don't doubt. They don't resist obstacles. They actually welcome them because obstacles make them better, allowing them to learn from every opportunity and to perfect their craft.

In the world of music, there are much more beautiful voices than this guy's. But it is his wholehearted faith that propels him into stardom. It is what he does with what he has that makes a difference. He doesn't wait for the if's to happen–if only I had this, if only I could do that. He doesn't struggle. He knows.

Today is a good day to have faith in your vision. Focus on what you know you can accomplish. When doubt creeps up, acknowledge it and then dismiss it. This includes the opinion of others. Know, with certainty, that you are who you are, that you do what you do, that you have a unique contribution. Not all of us have a vision of stardom. Our vision could be a small business, a non-profit organization, to compose violin music, to save endangered species, to rescue kittens, to teach underprivileged children, to be a good dad, to fly around the world, to hold a political office, to become Zumba-certified. Whatever our vision, let's nurture it and believe in it. Whatever our vision, let's know it, let's know that we are moved by it because it is ours and it is ours to make it happen. Have no doubt. Have no fear. Be confident. Know it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Instant mood lifter

Go ahead, complain. Tell me about everything that bothers you right now. Let it all out. Now, let it go. I know it's not easy. Holding on to resentment, to grievances, to a bad mood seems easier than releasing all of that negativity. Letting go makes us feel that we are ok with what annoys us and that we condone what others do (apparently) to us. Not so. Letting go of what displeases us changes us so that we don't care, so that whatever it is that bothers us doesn't.

How exactly do we do that? Simple (albeit not easy), we give thanks. We cannot be glad and annoyed at the same time. Giving thanks for anything then takes us from feeling antagonistic to feeling a common vibration. Giving thanks does not change the situation, it changes us. Once you open your heart to gratitude, there's no room for bitterness. In an instant, you can change the way you feel, you can lift your mood. The effect is in the now, yet with practice it becomes a habit and in time it becomes the way we respond to what irritates us, every time.

This morning, as I sat in heavy traffic, I remembered my father's laughter and I was thankful for it. As the morning progressed, I was thankful for my son's sensitivity, for my friends, for my love life, for my meditation practice, for the kindness of strangers, for the workers who started their journey early today, for the technology available to me and more. Today is a good day to try this. The next time you are annoyed by anything, be thankful for anything. It will lift your mood...instantly.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good and plenty

Do you wonder why when you are single you seem to remain single for a long time and why when you are in a new relationship there's all this new interest about you from different people? I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday about this in respect to jobs. The same thing happens. As you look for a job, they seem scarce. Then, after you find one, all sorts of opportunities seem to open up.

This is your mind at work. When you are worried about not having, the message you are giving off is one of lack. You are saying I don't have. You stay in a state of not having. When you relax in trust and get the job, or the girlfriend, you are giving off a message of abundance. You are saying there's plenty. You are now in a state having. The energy you give off is perceived by others. Is that energy one of desperation or one of cooperation?

What do you do in the meantime? You plant seeds. You help. You volunteer. You do your part. You are grateful for everything you already have. You stay open. You stay willing. You don't entertain thoughts of needing or scarcity. And, most importantly, you don't worry.

I have two very good friends who, despite an unemployment period, always have had the best disposition. They are joyful, helpful and always ask how they can serve. And they do. Today they are not only recently employed, they are still receiving offers. Their attitude, willingness and their unworried hearts made all the difference.

Today is a good day to release your worries about whatever it is that you do not have this moment. Spirit knows your intention. Trust. Do. Let go. You will have good...and plenty.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Memory Lane

My computer died. It's heart gave in. It has since been resuscitated. This is an amazing thing. What they have been able to do to bring it, and me, back to life. It is now working in perfect order. One of the remarkable things the technician did was preserve my photos, music, email, writings, manuscripts and art...all of which have random backups somewhere. (Don't worry. I have a nifty new system for moment by moment backups now.) My computer seems younger now because it was restored to an earlier version of herself. Oh boy. Old emails are now new. Entire episodes of my life are playing before my eyes. As I go through, I find old photos and messages that seem to belong to someone else, somewhere else, sometime else. I am deleting interchanges I had with people who are no longer in my life without reading them. Yet I catch a word, a sentiment, a feeling here and there. I would rather not do this. But resistance is futile. As Deepak Chopra affirms, what we resist, persists. So I give up my opposition and in doing so I can't help but appreciate a few awesome facts as a result of my trip down memory lane.

The first is that I have survived very painful experiences. Time and space was necessary for me to feel this way. I appreciate some of these experiences now, including the people in them. I am glad some of them are no longer part of my journey. They had their time and their place. In releasing them, I have made room in my heart for new experiences and new people.

I am grateful. I have learned that everything has a purpose. This is a cliché because it is true. I now understand a few things I didn't understand before–the apparent failures, the disappointments, the tough lessons, the people in my path. Everything and everyone was meant to be.

I have also learned to delete, much like an old email, everything and everyone that doesn't help me grow and move forward, that doesn't appreciate my love, that creates an obstacle, that zaps my energy.

The past is gone, but we have a habit of going back. If you must go back, do so with an open heart and mind. Discover your lessons and let go. That is all the past is good for now.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Make it happen

I just got this question from one of our readers. What does it take for anyone to make their dreams come true? This one is easy. The answer is easy. Making it happen, however, will be as easy or as difficult as you choose it to be.

To make anything happen in your life takes, first and foremost, knowing what it is you want. It is not enough to say that you don't want what you currently have. That leaves the door open to receiving anything but that. You must be clear all while being open to all possibilities.

Also, you must let go of all thoughts that go against what you want to manifest in your life. Don't think about the obstacles and the reasons why something cannot be done. Cooperate by keeping your thoughts on your dream. How it happens is not your concern.

It is really important in our quest to creating what we want for ourselves to remember our Source. Once we are clear about what we want and are willing to participate in it's creation, the Universe moves in our direction synchronizing events, resources and people. Become aware of  the signs, messages and answers you are receiving. Release all doubt and then wait. In the wait, continue to believe with nonresistance and faith.

Today is a good day to make it happen. Know what you want with clarity. Reject all thoughts to the contrary. Know with certainty that you are upheld by the Universe and will happen.  

Friday, August 16, 2013


I wake up every morning knowing that everything that is good happens to me. I believe it with my whole being. Everything that is good happens to me. It is the same for many people.

When we believe that everything that is good happens to us, it does. It's not that inconvenience, heartache, loss, illness, complications, difficulties and accidents do not happen. It's that, when they do, we know what to do. In tapping into our self-awareness–which is the recognition of who we really are–we come to a state of non-resistance. We don't resist what is or what happens. We tap into our self-awareness in stillness and silence. The buildup of this practice results in an attitude of surrender when the unexpected happens. This is not a passive surrender, but an acceptance of the situation. Accepting what is allows us to think clearly, to not take it personally, to find no conflict, to not look for blame, to choose not to suffer, to inspire others, to respond and not react. Whatever happens, we find a way to deal with it.

Everything that is good happens to you. Believe it. Today is a good day for you not to label what happens as good or bad. Know that it just is. Not labeling a situation changes it from something that happens to you to something that just is and that you can handle. In the end, you will be able to reflect and ask yourself what you have gained through this experience. Humility? Compassion? Understanding? Perspective? Depth of character? Strength of character? A sense of humor? Not everything is a catastrophe. Allow it to be. Let good energy move through by not opposing. In the end, you will have gained that feeling that everything that is good happens to you as well. And so it does.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

To have or to be...

To have something could mean that at some point we don't have it. We could have a dollar, then not have it...a job, a wife, a car, a reputation. We can have any number of things, and we do and we attach a personal value, meaning and sense of self-worth to them. When we do not have any longer something  that we have attached ourselves to, even if unconsciously, we see ourselves differently, others see us differently too. When we lose those things that mean so much on the surface, that define who we are in the eyes of the world and that we have identified ourselves with, we lose our sense of well-being, happiness and tranquility.

To have something could mean that we don't have it at some point. To be something means we always are. And there lies the difference that could keep our sense of peace. Someone could have a great career as a plastic artist and then lose it. But they can't lose being creative. Someone could be married and then be divorced. But they can't lose being lovable. Someone could have a very profitable business and then lose it. But they can't lose being prosperous. Someone could be popular and then lose their fame. But they can't lose being important.

This also applies to the virtues of patience, kindness, generosity, fairness, equanimity and such. We can have them and lose them, or we can be them. We can have patience and then be stuck in traffic and lose it. Or we can be patient. We can have kindness and then be in a confrontation and lose it. Or we can be kind. We can have generosity and then judge those we share with and lose it. Or we can be generous. Regardless of what happens, we are.              

The challenge, then, is to remember who we are. In every circumstance, we are whole, loved, abundantly provided for, creative, patient, kind, protected, prosperous. We were created with these qualities. We can't lose them. They can't be taken away. When we do lose those things that we have attained in life, we keep our sense of worth with us. We see ourselves through the eyes of Spirit and present ourselves to others in this light.

Today is a good day to embody that which we are. Let's recognize ourselves, reconnect with our essence. In a few moments of stillness and silence we see ourselves, we let go of the artificial identities we have formed and know that all the externals could fall away and not change us. Find that moment, today and everyday, in which to reach in for who you really are.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amber colored glasses

A few weeks ago I went in for my yearly eye exam. This is routine. Every year I get new glasses. Because I spend so much time on the road, I also get prescription sunglasses. There's nothing exciting about this.

Except that wearing my new sunglasses triggered a thought. Yesterday I had a fantastic lunch with a colleague. The day was so hot that we went into a very cool and dark sushi restaurant for our working lunch. The restaurant has a parking garage that kept our cars cool and dark as well. After an energizing couple of hours we emerged to take on the day. Boy it was bright when we drove out and away. Of course, I had to wear my glasses.

The day was so beautiful I couldn't help but be happy. I ran a few errands and then returned to my office. I was smiling ear to ear as I walked up the entry pathway and I removed my glasses. It turns out that the day was somewhat gray. The tone of my glasses had changed the color of the day. I had not noticed.

What a great metaphor for life. I had gone about happy and inspired in spite of the actual color of the day. These amber colored glasses colored my day, my interactions and my thoughts in a joyful and happy hue. The day was gray, but I didn't notice. Could it be that simple for us? Could it be that we choose to see through a different lens regardless of what is happening? This is not about ignoring reality, but about our perception about it.

Today is a good day to choose to see through a different lens color... one that infuses what you think and what you feel with a more encouraging, uplifting, positive, thankful, trustful, confident and hopeful tone.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Party Poopers

We all know them. The party poopers. Those people that no matter what, can't seem to find something to be happy about. They suck the energy out of a room as they walk in. In a party scene, you can avoid them. But what do you do about your friend, your brother, your co-worker, your mother or any other person close to you who is so negative you feel the positivity drain out of you?

Understand. That is the answer, to understand. Our first response usually is to stir them into the light. But when someone is this negative and pessimistic, we will not be heard. Our best response is to commiserate with them. Let them rage. Let them know you understand how they feel. I tend to offer a standard answer. It's a true answer and it helps soften the negative energy. My boss is a jerk, my friend says. I can't imagine what it must feel like, I reply. Try it out. If someone is raging, let them. Then respond with an I can't imagine what it must feel like. Or you can try an I'm sorry you are feeling this way or any other phrase that offers true and genuine empathy.

The amazing thing about letting the other person vent is that it allows them to release negativity and can open them up to seeing with new eyes, to understand themselves, to a more positive approach to life. Do not resist the negativity. Allow the other person to move out of that energy and heal of it. Today is a good day to bring your positive light into a negative circumstance. Just allow the negativity to flow through.

Monday, August 12, 2013

There is a season...

Summer is almost over. We only have a few more hours left. The weather will be extra warm a few more weeks, but kids are going back to school and homes back to routines. It's the season. 

This summer has been very different in our home. I have enjoyed it immensely. It has been hectic, fun and renewing. As a writer, I have found it a bit challenging though. I am pretty strict with my writing routines (rituals really) and I have not been able to honor those. Today, as I contemplate "normalcy", I sit to write at my appointed time. I am having difficulty. Do I push it? I need to respond to my commitments, I think. Or do I let go? I let go. The sun is shining, the summer breeze is calling and I trust. I trust that inspiration is here. I just have to turn. Spirit knows my needs. I let go and I wait. While I wait, I enjoy life–friends, love, family, art, music, laughter, every blessing. 

Today, I invite you to see what this season has for you. There is a season, a time for everything. Is it planting or harvesting for you? Be still and silent for a moment. Ask and listen. When we listen, truly listen to our inner being, we know what to do in this time. We are then led, guided and provided for. 

Click on the link below the image for a cool video. Warning: this song gets stuck in your head. Enjoy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Giving and receiving...same difference

Most of us where raised with the belief that it is better to give than to receive. This is a noble thought. Yet, many carry it into martyrdom and spoon it into their children with a side of guilt and obligation, not realizing that one is not different from another. When giving is seen as a chore, an imposition or a debt, the nature of giving is spoiled.

Giving is noble and the act of giving should be done with noble intentions. The giving of things, time, advice, money and companionship all begin with a thought and a desire–conscious or not. Whatever we give is given together, as a bundle, with that feeling. In turn, it returns to us.

Consider people you may know who are always doing for someone else. They tirelessly work, but somehow are always stuck in their condition of life. You wonder how they can go on like that–the sacrificed mother with no time or energy for herself, the always-broke friend who keeps bailing others out of their financial troubles, the teacher who is always stuck at school after hours with no help from his colleagues. Do you wonder where the reciprocity of life is? It is right there. From the outside, we see how much they do, how much they offer. But what we don't see is the rumbling within, their expectation for something in return, their need for acknowledgement, their lack of self-worth–all stemming from insecurity and fear. They are receiving what they are giving out.

Giving and receiving are two parts of a whole. When we give from a place of security and love, we are placing into the larger well of abundance that which we wish to share–material things, joy, laughter, opportunities for growth, understanding, friendship, love, affection, attention, time. It is the same well we tap into for ourselves.

Today is a good day to give with a smile from within, without any anticipation. We give because it is who we are. Whatever we give of ourselves, know that we are not losing, but gaining. This is one of the ways we love. Let's also let others give to us and to others and let us receive gracefully that we may not stop the flow of goodness. If you feel that you don't have much to give, then just give thanks. Today is a good day to give...and receive. It is all the same.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A new drug

It has been a while since I have taken a pill for anything. I listen to my body and nurture it so that I don't have to take medication for anything. When it hurts, I pay attention to what may be happening and I take care of it. If my back aches, yoga fixes it. If I have a headache, fresh air and a walk help. If my body aches, good food, hydration and rest bring me back to normal. If I have a fever, I meditate–it is usually an issue I am ignoring. 

I realize that each body is unique and that remedies work differently on different bodies. This is why paying attention to ourselves is so important. I am attuned to what my body tells me and right now my body is screaming at me. For the past two days I have had a headache, sinus pressure, sneezing, coughing, asthma, body aches, stiff muscles and a fever. I am in Lima, Perú and the stark contrast in the weather and climate conditions have hit me harshly. So I complain: the smog is intense, the mild cold temperature feels cruel with the high level of humidity, the noise in the city streets is unrelenting, there's a chilly, constant drizzle that keeps me wet. 

Yet, the people here are great. They say they know how I feel and that they know what to do so they invite me over to lunch at a great restaurant and they order for me. They want to treat me to the best peruvian tastes. By the end of this meal, I feel...fine. I feel more than fine, I feel happy and well. My thoughts have shifted to the friends I have made, to the opportunities opening up, the collaboration in the works, the networking, the amazing food, the incredible sights, the banter, the laughter, the music, the vibrancy in this city...the incredible gift of this experience. I am thankful. This is the first remedy. 

I have had to take a pill. I do it gladly. It helps take the edge off the sinus pressure. But the well-being I am enjoying is a by-product gratitude. It has made all the difference. Today I invite you to be grateful. Every time you come across a negative thought or feel like complaining about something, especially something you cannot do anything about, shift your thought to something you are glad about. The next thing you may be thankful for is not needing a new drug, yet, more importantly, the residual feeling of gratitude is enough to be thankful for and enough to change the way you feel physically. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I am traveling abroad participating in an international book fair in Lima, Perú. This is a lovely country with lovely people and I feel so blessed to be here under magnificent circumstances.

For the past few days, I have been picked up by a taxi at my hotel to take me to the fairgrounds where the event is being held some miles away. Each day I get a different taxi, with a different driver. Each day, I go a different way.

I have suspended my thoughts while I am traveling here. I am taking it all in–the people, the language, the weather, the food, the geography, the customs, the different ways to get to where I need to go. As the taxi weaves through traffic, I observe, I listen, I absorb. Before I am aware of the time or even wonder where I am, there I am–where I need to be, when I need to be there.

What a great lesson. I still don't know everything that will happen while I am here, but this much I know already: I want to experience life this way, I want to release the need to control how to get to where I need to be. I miss so much, I am sure, by trying to control the details. I miss the forest for the trees.

Wherever we are headed to in our lives, we will get there. This adventure is a clear example of getting there–it was meant to be. I didn't need to fret over the trivialities or the timing. During the journey, I had many opportunities to come to know many people and appreciate new things.

It doesn't matter how, the important thing is to enjoy the way and everything we may encounter in it. Let's suspend our idea of a specific way to get to where we want to go and allow guidance to lead us there. We will not only get there, we'll learn so much along the way and we'll enjoy life so much more.

Today is a good day to trust that you will arrive to your destination, to your dreams, to where you will be happiest. Set your objective in motion and then enjoy the ride. You'll arrive.