Thursday, August 29, 2013

From micro-peace to macro-peace...

The news are grim. Another war. Another big war. We sit at the edge of our seats waiting for an update. Meanwhile, we call out the reasons for the war. We study, we read, we analyze, we place blame, we offer fixes. Bomb, let's get it over with. Don't bomb, let's have another talk. We sit around complaining, criticizing, accusing and condemning those who are in charge of global political, governmental and national relations. We feel powerless. We are at their mercy, we think.

The good news is that we do have power. We have the power to change our hearts and the way we think. Instead of praying for a stop to the war, we can pray for peace. Instead of commiserating with the communal rhetoric, we can start to change our speech, our thoughts and our feelings. Our power is in our personal influence. Peace starts at the micro-level: in our hearts. We practice peace by being patient, listening, understanding, tolerating, being compassionate, respectful and kind, not blaming or finding fault in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, work places and with ourselves. This energy extends out to those around us and then out from them to those around them. This is the way to peace. We start within–with our thoughts, our actions and our words. Peace can be spread the same way hate is. We can choose peace.

It is difficult to believe that we could exert change when we are but one person in a world that is so confused, hurt and always ready for a fight. Yet we didn't get here overnight and it will take a while to change it on the macro level. However, we can change our immediate world and that of our spouses, children, friends, lovers, neighbors, co-workers and communities by becoming the peace that we seek. We can't wait for the greed, the disorder and the misunderstanding to subside in order for us to feel at peace. We must be peace to so create it. It is in peace that we will come together to build a better world, one in which there is room for all in peaceful coexistence. Today is a good day for you to practice peace. Start this moment, where you are.

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