Monday, August 12, 2013

There is a season...

Summer is almost over. We only have a few more hours left. The weather will be extra warm a few more weeks, but kids are going back to school and homes back to routines. It's the season. 

This summer has been very different in our home. I have enjoyed it immensely. It has been hectic, fun and renewing. As a writer, I have found it a bit challenging though. I am pretty strict with my writing routines (rituals really) and I have not been able to honor those. Today, as I contemplate "normalcy", I sit to write at my appointed time. I am having difficulty. Do I push it? I need to respond to my commitments, I think. Or do I let go? I let go. The sun is shining, the summer breeze is calling and I trust. I trust that inspiration is here. I just have to turn. Spirit knows my needs. I let go and I wait. While I wait, I enjoy life–friends, love, family, art, music, laughter, every blessing. 

Today, I invite you to see what this season has for you. There is a season, a time for everything. Is it planting or harvesting for you? Be still and silent for a moment. Ask and listen. When we listen, truly listen to our inner being, we know what to do in this time. We are then led, guided and provided for. 

Click on the link below the image for a cool video. Warning: this song gets stuck in your head. Enjoy!

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