Monday, August 19, 2013

Make it happen

I just got this question from one of our readers. What does it take for anyone to make their dreams come true? This one is easy. The answer is easy. Making it happen, however, will be as easy or as difficult as you choose it to be.

To make anything happen in your life takes, first and foremost, knowing what it is you want. It is not enough to say that you don't want what you currently have. That leaves the door open to receiving anything but that. You must be clear all while being open to all possibilities.

Also, you must let go of all thoughts that go against what you want to manifest in your life. Don't think about the obstacles and the reasons why something cannot be done. Cooperate by keeping your thoughts on your dream. How it happens is not your concern.

It is really important in our quest to creating what we want for ourselves to remember our Source. Once we are clear about what we want and are willing to participate in it's creation, the Universe moves in our direction synchronizing events, resources and people. Become aware of  the signs, messages and answers you are receiving. Release all doubt and then wait. In the wait, continue to believe with nonresistance and faith.

Today is a good day to make it happen. Know what you want with clarity. Reject all thoughts to the contrary. Know with certainty that you are upheld by the Universe and will happen.  

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