Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good and plenty

Do you wonder why when you are single you seem to remain single for a long time and why when you are in a new relationship there's all this new interest about you from different people? I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday about this in respect to jobs. The same thing happens. As you look for a job, they seem scarce. Then, after you find one, all sorts of opportunities seem to open up.

This is your mind at work. When you are worried about not having, the message you are giving off is one of lack. You are saying I don't have. You stay in a state of not having. When you relax in trust and get the job, or the girlfriend, you are giving off a message of abundance. You are saying there's plenty. You are now in a state having. The energy you give off is perceived by others. Is that energy one of desperation or one of cooperation?

What do you do in the meantime? You plant seeds. You help. You volunteer. You do your part. You are grateful for everything you already have. You stay open. You stay willing. You don't entertain thoughts of needing or scarcity. And, most importantly, you don't worry.

I have two very good friends who, despite an unemployment period, always have had the best disposition. They are joyful, helpful and always ask how they can serve. And they do. Today they are not only recently employed, they are still receiving offers. Their attitude, willingness and their unworried hearts made all the difference.

Today is a good day to release your worries about whatever it is that you do not have this moment. Spirit knows your intention. Trust. Do. Let go. You will have good...and plenty.

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