Friday, August 16, 2013


I wake up every morning knowing that everything that is good happens to me. I believe it with my whole being. Everything that is good happens to me. It is the same for many people.

When we believe that everything that is good happens to us, it does. It's not that inconvenience, heartache, loss, illness, complications, difficulties and accidents do not happen. It's that, when they do, we know what to do. In tapping into our self-awareness–which is the recognition of who we really are–we come to a state of non-resistance. We don't resist what is or what happens. We tap into our self-awareness in stillness and silence. The buildup of this practice results in an attitude of surrender when the unexpected happens. This is not a passive surrender, but an acceptance of the situation. Accepting what is allows us to think clearly, to not take it personally, to find no conflict, to not look for blame, to choose not to suffer, to inspire others, to respond and not react. Whatever happens, we find a way to deal with it.

Everything that is good happens to you. Believe it. Today is a good day for you not to label what happens as good or bad. Know that it just is. Not labeling a situation changes it from something that happens to you to something that just is and that you can handle. In the end, you will be able to reflect and ask yourself what you have gained through this experience. Humility? Compassion? Understanding? Perspective? Depth of character? Strength of character? A sense of humor? Not everything is a catastrophe. Allow it to be. Let good energy move through by not opposing. In the end, you will have gained that feeling that everything that is good happens to you as well. And so it does.

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