Friday, August 23, 2013

Cocky people

I am listening to the radio to a song that is very popular now. It's one of those that makes your hips come alive and that you can't get out of your head for the rest of the day. The artist is praising himself in song. I smile. He's so darn's cute. He is successful, wealthy, famous, influential and by all accounts, happy. We should all be so cocky.

He is not a great singer. His lyrics are banal. He is like many contemporary artists, except that there is a staying power about him. There's an element that stands him out from the rest of the crowd. He's not really cocky, he just has an absolute belief in his vision.

People like him hold on to their intentions and stay in vibrational alignment–body, mind and spirit–to their Source. They understand their purpose and do their part in accomplishing it. They don't doubt. They don't resist obstacles. They actually welcome them because obstacles make them better, allowing them to learn from every opportunity and to perfect their craft.

In the world of music, there are much more beautiful voices than this guy's. But it is his wholehearted faith that propels him into stardom. It is what he does with what he has that makes a difference. He doesn't wait for the if's to happen–if only I had this, if only I could do that. He doesn't struggle. He knows.

Today is a good day to have faith in your vision. Focus on what you know you can accomplish. When doubt creeps up, acknowledge it and then dismiss it. This includes the opinion of others. Know, with certainty, that you are who you are, that you do what you do, that you have a unique contribution. Not all of us have a vision of stardom. Our vision could be a small business, a non-profit organization, to compose violin music, to save endangered species, to rescue kittens, to teach underprivileged children, to be a good dad, to fly around the world, to hold a political office, to become Zumba-certified. Whatever our vision, let's nurture it and believe in it. Whatever our vision, let's know it, let's know that we are moved by it because it is ours and it is ours to make it happen. Have no doubt. Have no fear. Be confident. Know it.

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