Monday, June 17, 2013


Tantrums are usually associated with children. More and more though, we see grown-ups losing their tempers in emotional outbursts. We go through meltdowns mainly because we don't know what to do with what we are feeling. We take other people and situations personally. We react with stubbornness, crying, yelling, anger, defiance and resistance when others don't act the way we want them to or when things don't go our way. Most common tantrums are angry rants, tirades, snapping at others, loud confrontations and violent speeches. Tantrums can escalate to throwing items across a room and physical violence towards another. We throw tantrums in person, by ourselves, via email, text messages and on Facebook and we do so because we are stressed, worried, exhausted, overwhelmed, angry, hurt or feel misunderstood or disrespected. When we get to this point, our emotions take over our thinking.

We can develop ongoing coping skills to alleviate our reactive responses to everyday life triggers. Meditation, developing a stronger connection to our Source, reinforcing our relationships and exercise are some of the ways we can create a more resilient spirit. In meditation, we can build up strength. Aligning with our Source opens us up to perceive others and situations from love rather than from ego. With a network of friends and loved ones, we feel less isolated and more understood. With exercise we release pent up energy, calming our nervous system.

The moment you feel anger rising, take a deep breath, smile (smiling has a positive biochemical effect in the body), release your judgment about what is going on and your need to be right. Remind yourself that we all have issues and this situation is not about you. Change your point of view.

If your tantrums are out of control and you find yourself extremely angry, throwing things and in violent and physical outbursts, then seek professional help.

Today is a good day to let go of your belief that you are not understood, that things must go your way. Be willing to see things differently. Breathe.

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