Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nothing to do

In our search for meaning and for a happier and more peaceful life experience, we look for formulas, secrets and methods that will help transform our lives. I have read some fantastic books written to share with us the how-to's of a simplified, happy and successful life. In addition to books, I have listened to speakers and attended conferences aimed at helping us reach happiness. But what we are looking for is not in any of these books or in any of these speeches. What I have learned after reading these books, attending these conferences and listening to these speakers is that all along, we have had the answers. What we seek in terms of a state of mind and spiritual guidance is within us and we get there by removing the obstacles that stand in our way.

What are the obstacles? The obstacles that prevent us from seeing what we hold within are set ways, misguided beliefs, mistaken thoughts, memes, false ideas, prejudice, expectations of a specific outcome,  insistence on being right and fear that we hold on to. When we insist on the way we think, we put up a barrier to creative thoughts and new ideas. When we expect a specific outcome, we put up another barrier to imaginative solutions and better results than those we could see in our mind. When we persist on being right, we obstruct learning, collaboration and growth. When we hold on to fear, we fence our hearts to the possibilities available to us.

How do we remove the obstacles? Simple. Let go. (I said simple, not easy). You don't have to take extra steps or follow a method. J u s t. L e t. G o. Visualize yourself closing your hand and holding in an obstacle, then open your hand and let it go. Trust that an action that small carries all the faith the Universe needs in order to point the way in. Unencumbered by mental toxicity and blocks, clarity, intuition, happiness, peace, calmness, simple joy and wisdom become more accessible to you. This opens up awareness and it is here that we find our meaning. There's nowhere else to look and nothing else to do.

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