Friday, June 7, 2013

What was I thinking?

I don't know what happened. But things did not go as planned. Well, the truth is that I had no plan. I rushed through the morning mindlessly checking items off a to-do list. I was not in my best mood. I dealt with grumpy people, was disappointed a few times and had to deal with a few dropped balls. I finally stopped and asked myself, What are you thinking? 

This is not a rhetorical question. I was not conscious of my thoughts, yet the root of everything that was going wrong with my day started with whatever I was thinking.

Every one of our thoughts is a creative one. Everything ever created was first a thought in someone's mind. Every action stems from a thought as well. Every reaction is a result of a thought. Our subconscious mind hears everything and it becomes the filter through which we experience life. In other words, we get whatever we think about whether we want it or not.

Let's be real. If you are thinking a million dollars, what you are really thinking is that you don't have a million dollars, you're thinking in terms of greed, lack or both. This is not what I am writing about. What I am referring to is the stuff of life. The attitudes you receive during the course of a day, the set-backs you go through, the disappointments, the missed opportunities and such.

Today is a good day to be mindful of your thoughts. Do not engage your mind with what you don't want to find, with what you don't want to deal with, what you don't like in others, what bothers you about this day, with the ex who doesn't deserve you, the extra pounds you want to lose, the fact that you are underpaid or that you don't have a job. Let me help. Keep your eyes on the prize. Think about solutions. If you don't have any, then be thankful for anything and open yourself up to receive them. Embrace the uncertainty. One thought creates another. Make sure they are on what you want to expand in your life.

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