Friday, June 28, 2013

Momentary lapse of judgment

Who has not had a momentary lapse of judgment? I, for one, have had quite a few. I have said the wrong thing, made rash decisions, dated the wrong people, over-indulged the day before a big meeting and emotionally overspent buying things that I didn't need. After these episodes, I have felt regret and self-condemnation. I am not alone. Others have had moments of impulse they are sorry for–the angry insult to a loved one, the weekend tattoo, the one-night stand and the outraged letter now printed in the newspaper. These are momentary lapses of judgment in the traditional sense of the phrase.

I propose we have more lapses in judgment, albeit not the kind in which we act out of fear, emotional urges or pressure. I suggest more purposeful lapses in judgment. What if the judgment we slip out of is the prejudice we have towards others, our self-imposed roles, the what-if's of the past and the future, our idea of how things should be, and our resistance to what is? Letting go and accepting this moment as it is is the only way to attain true happiness. Everything happens in this moment. We cannot do, say, change, accept or think anything in the past. We cannot do anything in the future. Having our mind on the future creates anxiety and, even if we hold our mind in hopes for the better, it keeps us from enjoying this moment, from being present. We cannot dance, move, breathe, experience life outside of this moment. What if for one moment we lapse in the judgment we live in?

This moment is a good moment to breathe, to feel what is going on around you and to accept life as it is. Have no thought about what you see, hear or feel this moment. Release your opinion about everything for just one moment. Have a momentary lapse of judgment...and enjoy it.

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