Saturday, June 1, 2013


Kryptonite is any surviving fragment of the planet Krypton, Superman's hometown. This radioactive material is the man of steel's Achille's heel, weakening him, annihilating his super-powers whenever he is in close proximity to it.

The word kryptonite has become synonymous with anything that weakens us. What weakens us? Fear weakens us. Fear sucks our inspiration and our positive thoughts. It is a vibration of our thoughts. We are Superman, in a sense. We are able to manifest what we could naturally accomplish. Yet fear gets in the way.

What do we fear? We fear failure, making mistakes, judgment, negative opinions, criticism, natural disasters, illness, loss, having to start over, and other debilitating ideas. Operating on the basis of fear, we do not become the super-version of ourselves, that version of us that brings to planet Earth a unique set of talents, skills, gifts, abilities and knowledge.

The antidote to our kryptonite is knowing that we are loved and protected, that well-being is our natural state. If we shift our thoughts from fear to enthusiasm, passion and love, the guidance, protection, help, resources, people, information, advice–in short, everything we need–will appear. To shield ourselves from the effects of fear, we align ourselves to Spirit. When we do, thoughts of impossibility and doubt dissipate, our confidence is boosted on divine power and our strength is fortified by God within. Now that's super-power...fearless living our potential...

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