Friday, May 31, 2013

It's time... let go.

We let go because something, someone or a situation does not serve us well impeding our our ability to grow, to be happy, to be healthy, to prosper, to fulfill our dharma, to live our dreams, to love and be loved. When we let go, we take steps to release our mental and emotional binds on that which we are moving on from. We go through our emotions, the stages of grief, necessary action and change our thoughts in order to change our circumstances. We know how to let go. What we don't know many times is when to let go. 

The time to let go is when we keep making the same mistakes, repeat the same attitudes, ask ourselves the same questions over and over, echo the same dissatisfaction on a daily basis. The time to let go is when we scream on the inside this has to stop!, I can't stand this!, I hate this! I want to be happy! I can't go on like this! The time to let go is when we wake up angry and frustrated at life each morning. The time to let go is when we try to convince ourselves of the opposite because we are afraid of uncertainty. 

When we get to this point, it's time to let Spirit take over. Otherwise, we will worsen our circumstances because when we are this angry and frustrated, we operate out of fear, desperation and ego. We become blind to the possibilities–those which we can't see from our vulnerable states.

Today may be your time to let go. At any moment you have the opportunity to choose differently. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe and on the exhale, let it go, let it all go. Trust that the Universe knows what you are feeling. It just needs your permission to proceed on your behalf. It's time...let go. 

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