Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I doubt it

Doubt, that lack of belief in what we know, gets in the way of our decision making. Doubt obstructs our view. When we doubt, we look outside of ourselves for answers basing any choices we make on the approval and the acceptance of others.

Some choices are easy. Others, not so much. Some require technical knowledge and specificity, but once we have information it is up to us to make a decision. Constantly seeking more information or the opinion of others tends to overwhelm us and increase our uncertainty. On the other hand, making crucial decisions when we are in doubt is not the best idea. Holding off then may be the best thing.

Holding off making decisions when we are in doubt allows us to expand on what we know and to go over our choices more carefully. Yet holding off can also cause us to stagnate and then lead us to make rash decisions. We must find the right time to make our choice.

Once we decide on anything, the Universe starts the ball rolling in support of our choice.

I made a choice a few nights ago I had been holding off on making. I still don't know if it was right or not. But I know that beyond what I see, there are actions on the way to uphold my decision. Whether it was right or not, I will know and I will have a chance to make another choice under the new circumstances. Today is a good day to choose even if you have doubts for if it turns out to be the wrong decision, the Universe will provide you with opportunities to choose again born out of your intentions and the lessons your must learn. Doubt many things, but do not doubt your capacity to know the answer. We were created with the with a well of knowledge we just have to tap into. Go within to find your answer. Go within to banish your doubt.

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