Friday, May 3, 2013

Dead flowers

It's a beautiful Friday morning. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee in two days. I have spent two days without coffee and no desire for it. I had a bout of food poisoning two days ago. Awful food poisoning.  It knocked me out. I am so thankful. Really.

Suffering from food poisoning can be suffering...or it can be a blessing. My body was susceptible to food poisoning after burning a fever for eight days. My body was not strong, was not nourished and was loaded with toxins. Bacteria in food was nuclear warfare to my frail body and it won a temporary battle. I am still burning a fever, and I am glad for it. It's part of the process.

Like the earth, we go through seasons. As I sit here enjoying my coffee I look out the window at this beautiful spread of pink flowers that has taken over one side of my garden. A few months ago this shrub was skinny, sad and colorless. It was shedding dead flowers and leaves. This must be its season of growth. Right now it is strong, healthy and beautiful. To get to this stage, my bougainvillea bush needed to go through a period of letting go, of detoxifying and of nourishing. I am going through such a period, I am sure.

My body is getting rid of toxins. I am helping it along by drinking tea, lots of water, resting and doing twisting yoga postures. The fever is helping burn off whatever is contaminating my body and I feel better. I know I am healing. Last night I attempted dinner with a friend, but my body said not yet, so I sipped on water, enjoyed the company and said little. We then met with a few other friends. I received what I could, water and their loving attention. I didn't give much. It's part of the process.

Just as my body is detoxing, my spirit is too. I am letting go of the dead leaves and flowers that keep me from growing. If we hang on to that which absorbs our nutrients and our energy, we deplete ourselves to the point where we are not able to give, to return, to create and to love. This is my season of releasing to give way to a season of vigor, wellness and giving. I am so grateful.

Today is a good day to let go of habits that keep you from being healthy–physically, emotionally and spiritually. Let go of what keeps you from finding your own way and open your heart to receive fresh air. Only by letting the old fall away can you bloom again.

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