Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It is a spiritual principle that giving begets receiving. Many of us are practicing the art of giving in beautiful and creative ways. I see it everyday. Giving what we want for ourselves is the best way of receiving what we want for ourselves. And although many of us give without that expectation, the principle still applies. If we want joy, we give joy to others. If we want material abundance, we give either money or opportunities to make money to others. If we want time with loved ones, we give our time.

Yet, do we know how to receive? Some of us–out of modesty, humility or a sense that we don't want to inconvenience someone–inadvertently stop the flow of goodness when we don't receive. Receiving is just as important as giving. It is part of the circle. Receiving enables us to give.

When we receive, we don't only receive material goods, money or other things of value. We also receive appreciation, compliments, affection, time, love, kind words, blessings and thoughtful gestures. If we don't receive, then we break the circle. It is important that we receive so that we may continue to share. The reciprocity comes to us from the Universe.

I am learning to receive. Today I got more than my fair share, for sure. I received from many sources and in many ways. I am so thankful. Today is a good day for all of us to receive gratefully. When someone gives you a compliment, smile and say thank you. If someone offers to do something nice for you, accept it. There is karmic action in what that person is doing for you. Do not interrupt it. Don't take that away from them. Whatever it is that you will receive today, receive it.

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