Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I went to a Wendy's restaurant a few days ago in an emergency. I wanted coffee, badly, and someone told me that theirs is pretty good. (It is. At least where I live. They have a particular brand and a particular espresso machine that makes a nice froth. The coffee was delicious, but I digress.) After I paid for my coffee I tried the napkin holder for a napkin, but there was none. I noticed that there were no spoons, no straws and no condiments in their holders either. I went to the counter to ask for napkins and, out of curiosity, asked the manager why there were none where there should be. People hoard, he said.

We do hoard. Yet it's not only napkins and ketchup packets from restaurants that we hoard. We hoard material things, feelings, attitudes, ideas, knowledge, attention, peace, loving thoughts, recognition and blessings. We feel that if we accumulate we are protecting ourselves from not having in the future. Yet when we hold back, we stop the flow of goodness. We are also telling the Universe that we have all we need. The Universe mirrors your attitude towards money, health, love and whatever abundance is for you. 

Giving creates harmony, but we must do so wanting to participate in the flow–with good intentions and a joyful heart. The intention with which we give makes a difference. If we give gladly, we will continue to enjoy opportunities to give. If we give grudgingly, the flow of abundance stops because we don't enjoy giving. Our supply then becomes limited. Our intention has the power to transform because the attitude behind our giving is contagious. Our intention has the power to create miracles, a ripple of giving that starts with one act of kindness.

The the secret to not having to hoard lies in the measure in which we share. We receive what we give, abundantly. If you want to understanding, understand. If you want love, love. If you want appreciation, appreciate. If you want help, help. If you want material abundance, share what you have and help others achieve material abundance.

Today is a good day to trust that what you need will be available to you when you need it. Share what you have, what you know, kind thoughts, your hands, your wit, your time and everything that is valuable that you can give–creating goodwill, opening up room in your physical environment and in your heart to keep receiving and telling the Universe that you want to give. The Universe will keep giving to you. Your Source knows what you need. Release your worry. You are loved, protected...and provided for.

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