Monday, May 20, 2013

I love Mondays...

I have so much planned for this week. There's so much that I am looking forward to. My agenda is packed with meetings, events and activities. For each day of the week, I already have a to-do list. With so much going on, I take it easy on Monday morning...and I enjoy every bit of it. 

On mornings like this one, I take it slow. I meditate for a bit longer. I listen to the silence of the morning as it warms up with the sounds of our busy lives. I set my intention for the week and align myself to Spirit. I receive Monday as the gift that it is. I receive it with an openness that ripens me to receive guidance, joy, inspiration and time. Mondays are full of promise. I see myself creating, producing, collaborating and living life fully. I am already thankful for the opportunities that will present themselves this week. These feelings of  gratitude and appreciation carry forward to the rest of the days allowing me to take charge of what I have committed to and of my time. 

Today is a good day to appreciate that it's Monday, that whatever we intend for ourselves, we will manifest, that as the days end, new ones begin and with that a new opportunity to choose a fresh point of view and to choose to give our best for that is what makes the difference in our experience. Let's not be part of the I-hate-Mondays bandwagon for Monday will hate us right back. Let's love Monday...

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