Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reconnecting with your essence

A few days ago, on my way to a workshop, I stopped at a big chain office supply store to scan and photocopy materials for the participants. The workshop's instructor and I planned to have breakfast before the store opened, then go there, make our copies and be in the classroom well before start time. Time was on our side. Yet, the restaurant staff where we were having breakfast at had no idea about our plan. They were slow in getting our food ready. We got delayed. The staff at the copy place was also not concerned about our plan. So when machine after machine started to malfunction, the clerk took his time fixing them. We got delayed, again. We got delayed past class start time.

The instructor, who is also my friend, is very responsible and was anxious and stressed by now. We are both type A personalities. You can imagine the tension in the car when we were finally on our way to class. I broke the silence. All this meditation has had an effect on days like this and out of my lips I heard: It's going to be fine. I had called the students on my cell phone from the store and let them know we were delayed. No problem, they said. I kept my cool. My friend became calm too. I made my mind up not to arrive frantic, but with a welcoming smile. In silence, my friend chose to as well. By the time we arrived, students were gathered under the shade of a tree getting to know each other. All was well. 

A rush of gratitude came over me. I felt in touch with every person there. I felt connected to my Source. There was a sense of joy and positivity all around me.

Reconnecting to our essence is a matter of allowing things to fall into place. Nothing big nor any major event needs to happen for us to connect to Spirit. Reconnecting happens in understated ways, in small acts of letting go of anger, fear and judgment, in acts of kindness, in harmony, unity and inclusion, in acting gently. You know you are aligning with your Source because of the peace and tranquility you feel in your mind and in your body in the moment and because the result of events and circumstances turn out fine. This is the Universe returning to you what you offer. 

Reconnecting with the essence of who you are is a matter of flowing without ego, of trusting that everything will settle in line with your actions and your intentions which stem from your inner self. Once reconnected with your essence, your mind becomes easy, calm, with less stress and your emotions are tempered. 

Today is a good day not to fret over the small stuff, to trust that whatever is happening at this moment is ok. Let it happen. Everything will fall into place. 

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