Thursday, May 16, 2013

A bikini and a tooth brush...

I went away for a few days. I packed a bikini, my toothbrush...and six books, a pen and my notebook. The essentials.

I did add a few more things to my bag, just in case. I got in my car and off I went in the other direction of reality.

When I got to paradise I went to look for my bikini. I should have been able to reach into my bag and pull it out, but I had to go through a layer of shoes...then shirts...a pair of jeans...a dress, or two–just in case...shorts...a sarong...oh boy! How much did I really need to carry? Yet, isn't this what we do? We layer too much stuff over what we need. In fact, we layer over our essential state with veils of roles we assume, attitudes, fears, insecurity, inflexible beliefs, misguided thoughts and our ego.

Deep within is who we really are...and what we really need. We spend so much time and effort laying it on, that we weigh ourselves down and lose ourselves along the way. Today is a good day to start going through those layers. Maybe we leave one behind. Maybe we leave two. Let's be brave and go with a little less then a little more...a little less stuff and fewer layers, then a little more of us. Let's trust that sometimes a bikini and a tooth brush is all we need...

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