Thursday, June 13, 2013

To be...

Last night I sat among some incredible people. Novelists, poets, journalists, aspiring writers, accomplished writers, narrators, professors, lovers of literature and over 4,000 books from different countries and cultures (both the people and the books) surrounded me in an inspiring city loft. I wish I had enough room here to paint the feeling for you. My heart was warmed over. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that at one point I turned to my friend and said thank you. It is because of him that I am here, in the heart of literature and culture of this beautiful island. He is one link in a long chain of synchronicity. He, in turn, said that he was just there to identify me. I knew you when I first saw you, he said.

As I write this, I realize that I am living the life I hoped for years ago. I think about his comment about knowing me and realize that what he means is that I am what I want to experience. He is too. There's so much written about attracting what we want. Yet, I think life changed for me when I stopped wanting and started being. Wanting implies that we don't have. Being, on the other hand, is fullness, living on purpose. Being creates a field of energy that puts us where we need to be, when we need to, doing that which we need to do. Being expands our consciousness. When we are who we really are, we do what we love and we serve the Universe with the talents, skills and abilities given to us and we enjoy all of it.  When we simply are, we are guided to what fills our hearts with happiness, accomplishing our dreams. We are led through a chain of synchronicity. Places, people, resources, ideas, insight, solutions and answers appear to us when the time is right.

Today is a good day to realize that wanting exerts energy that we need in order to be. Let's just be. Who we are meant to be hides behind the clutter of what we feel is missing, of what we believe we don't have. Let's get past this layer. What we need is around us. What we will need is on its way.

Today, I am.

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