Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's not to like?

One of the questions I get the most through this blog relates to dealing with difficult people. The most fundamental reason people come into our lives is to teach us something about ourselves. People we find difficult have qualities that we have, avoid or fear within us. In understanding them, we understand ourselves. In learning to cope with these traits in others we learn, we grow and perfect ourselves.

Last night I sat with a dear friend for one of those late-night conversations no one plans but that are always a gift. She was telling me about all the great people in her life and how she could not believe the course her life had taken. I interrupted her to say they mirror who you are. She doesn't realize it. This is the gem I found: her eyes sparkled when she recognized herself in others.

We reflect to each other not only the negative aspects of our characters, but the beautiful and noble pieces of us. Today is a good day to find yourself in those who you admire, like and look up to. You are in each other. There is a reason you are in each others lives'. You have attracted who you are to yourself. You like them and so, you like yourself. What's not to like?

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