Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drawing the line

Close your eyes, stand on the sand, draw a line. This is your line. This is where you set the boundary for what you will accept from anyone and what situations you accept for yourself. You allow everything and everyone to come to it...just to it.

Many of us want to draw a line at our jobs, with our friends, in our relationships, with our family, in organizations we belong to, at school and our with our neighbors. But we don't. We don't because we are afraid of what comes next. If we draw a line, then we have to stick to our decision, we have to act according to the new agreement we have established with ourselves. Drawing the line can also mean that others may take action we were not counting on. This is ok. Remember that the Universe supports our decisions. When we draw a line, whatever happens after is part of a bigger scheme. You are loved, protected and supported. 

Today is a good day to draw a line. Lovingly set a boundary that clearly marks the line up until which you will accept mistreatment, foul language, disrespect, neglect, deceit, abuse, contempt, bullying and manipulation from others. This is an emotional decision, I know. Yet nothing is insurmountable. You are loved, protected and supported. Go ahead. Draw the line. 

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