Monday, June 3, 2013


You are talented, bright, skilled and creative. You are clear on what you are capable of doing, on what you want to accomplish and on what you can offer the world. So why are you stuck? Why do you take one step forward and two steps back? You sabotage yourself. Many of us do. 

Many times self-sabotage is born out of a fear of failing or of being judged. This fear is deep-rooted in limiting beliefs about who we really are and patterns of behavior we have repeated over and over again. Moving forward takes courage and truth. We need to face what we believe about ourselves and we need to face our habits honestly. 

We sabotage ourselves when we fail to wake up early to make that important call that could expand an opportunity, when we spend our money on a whim rather than saving it for the goal we had set up, when we expend our physical energy until we crash, when we make the same choices over and over expecting a different result, when we know the truth yet ignore it. Habits that impede our growth can be broken. When we keep these habits they become our personal instruments of self-sabotage. 

Who we are is who we are now, not who we have been. We need to let go of our have-been story. We need to hold on to the vision of the best version of ourselves while being present in this moment. Then we can make conscious choices versus reactive choices. We need to make choices that agree with our Self, our purpose, our goals and our dreams.

Today is a good day to treat yourself as though you are what you see yourself as. Choose fearlessly knowing that those choices–which are inline with your Self–are supported by the Universe. Break the habits that keep you from doing what you know you can do. Instead of sabotaging yourself you will be collaborating with your higher purpose and so moving in the direction of a joyful, meaningful, productive, happy, creative and fulfilled life.

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