Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I put the Power of Now into practice. I sat and looked around me, just looked. I described in my head what I was observing with no sentiment involved. There he is, reading T. J. English, shirtless, sipping coffee. The morning silence is broken by a passing car. There is a coolness in the breeze. The air smells like the sea. Our fingers our interlaced, his right hand, my left hand. My pen and notebook are ten feet away. I read from his Kindle. The sky is clear. The sun is intense, even at this hour. After a few moments, I found myself enjoying the present, appreciating life. In that moment, I had no worries. My thoughts afterwards became kinder.

In the time after this moment, I kept coming back to the word allow. I had allowed the moment to be as it was. I then extended that attitude to the people around me, especially those I love. In watching them with no opinion, I became sensitive to them, enjoying them and taking pleasure in who they are.

Allowing others to be is not permissive. It is a reverence to our true nature. It frees us to know the type of relationship we are willing to enjoy with another. Allowing others to be releases tension in relationships. It shifts our focus from a call to judgment to a call to love. Allowing others to be, we allow ourselves freedom–of thought, of feeling, of control, of time. We also allow ourselves appreciation of the uniqueness in others, their special qualities, their frailties, their humanness–we see them with fresh eyes.

When we allow, which is surrendering to what is and who is, we change our energy, exerting positive vibrations attracting more of those positive vibes towards us. When we give up the need to control people and situations, we are not  disappointed, we are surprised. When we allow, we surrender to the possibilities.

By grasping, we lose. By allowing with our hearts, minds and hands open, we receive wisdom, peace, understanding, enjoyment, freedom and love.

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