Monday, June 10, 2013

Should I stay or should I go?

Much has been said about quieting our minds so that we may hear what guidance the Universe has for us. Try as some people may, they cannot hear the subtle voice of Spirit. This does not mean that they are not quiet enough, meditate enough or align themselves enough. This just means that the Universe communicates in different ways with each of us.

Spirit relates to us in ways that we can understand. For me, messages come through what I love the most, books and music, and through what I am good at, numbers. For others, dreams are like movie reels showing them scenes in full color with answers they need. Others hear clear voices (and no, they are not crazy). Then there are the synchronistic events that happen to most of us in which signs and messages appear through apparent "coincidences".

I was recently in a situation that I wasn't sure if I should stay or I should leave. To be honest, my wants interfered so strongly that I was confused about the answer I was receiving. In a moment of complete willingness and openness I asked myself how do you feel about staying? My answer was bad. I felt bad as in my chest hurt and my body felt ill bad. There was my answer. As soon as I realized it, I acted. The Universe has been supporting my decision since.

Today is a good day to appreciate our connection with Spirit. It is there. It is guiding us. It is communicating with us. Become aware of what you are concerned about. The Universe is listening. Pay attention to what you see, hear and even smell around you. Then you will know if you should stay or you should go...

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