Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The color of despair

Sometimes it is easy to forget how truly blessed we are. There are times when we forget that there is a purpose to everything. While we hurt, it is easy to see everything as painful. The world seems cruel. No one seems to understand our pain or the pain we see in everything. We walk about in self-pity.

During times of sadness, discouragement and pain we justify our sulking, our self-wallowing attitude, our self-indulging, our cheating, our lying, our neglect of loved ones and our responsibility to them, our lack of commitment, our isolation, self-harm and anything else we do to alleviate our pain to the detriment of ourselves, others and our relationship to them. We paint everything in the color of despair. There is a flip side to this. We hold our feelings in and let them putrefy. They taint our vision of ourselves. Once the color of despair is the only one we paint with, we lose touch with life. Our job then is to reconnect to the truth of who we are, to remind ourselves that this too shall pass. Our job is to allow the unfolding of this time, healing without bitterness and a more colorful view of life which is born out of our willingness to see differently.

Today is a good day to see something other than your pain, your dissatisfaction with life and your pitiful view of yourselves. Today is a good day to expand your point of view from self to Self. In this expanded view you are sure to find something else to focus on and other colors to paint with. This is the meaning of faith, to know that there are better times to come. Today, center your attention on what you want more of, on the good things in your life, on the love around you. This will be the catalyst to change the colors in your life. Offer something other than your pain.

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