Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sorry sometimes is not enough

When we are aware that we have damaged or hurt someone, we have to apologize. Yet sometimes that is not enough. Those we hurt may forgive us after we say I'm sorry, but it may be us that need to make amends for our own sake.

When we betray, lie to, steal from, insult, abuse, neglect, abandon or hurt someone in some other way, we create an energy that affects us negatively. The memory of the injury karmically influences our life in adverse ways, even if we don't make that connection. After we recognize what we have done and we have asked for forgiveness, we have to commit to never doing whatever we did again and make amends. Other times, we have to atone for our harmful action because we are not able to apologize to the other person. This may be because they have passed away, we do not know how to contact them or they are not receptive to us. When we make a mistake, we accept it, we ask forgiveness, we make amends and we pray for those we harmed in order to clean our spiritual slate.

To clear the path for our blessings to reach us, sometimes we have to begin by being more than sorry. This is wonderful news. It gives us power over our karma. It gives us a channel to become closer to Spirit. Atoning for our mistakes is love–for others, for ourselves. When apologizing isn't enough, atoning is what makes it so. Atoning spiritually rights our wrongs.

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