Friday, July 12, 2013

Divine timing

In one of those early morning conversations, I mentioned to a friend some of the places I am going to today. If all goes as planned, at the end of today I will have gone to six cities and towns and several places in each. It sounds like a lot. It's not. I live in a small island and all six localities are close to each other. They are all in the metro area. She says to me you work more now than in your previous career.  I don't. I know that for sure. It seems that way because I am always active, my hours are unpredictable and I accomplish a lot. I love it this way. I asked for this. I got it.

There was a time, many years ago, when I was frustrated with life. I wanted more time with my son, to write for a living, to travel, to help others in a less stressful way so I prayed for a different life. As Pablo Neruda once wrote, I am as all mortals are, unable to be patient. I asked for this and did not get it. Well, not immediately. My prayer was answered years later. In the meantime, I was impatient. I continued with every responsibility I had accepted and life as it was. I continued my intention until I realized that I appreciated the life I had, that I was blessed and that there were lessons I needed to learn. I let it go. I didn't let it go as in forget-it. I let it go in the awareness that there was a wisdom beyond that I couldn't grasp. I was thankful for my life situation, I set my intention and I let it go. 

The subsequent unfolding of events makes sense to me now. Every experience I had, every person in my path, every situation I was in was a seed planted. Today I am harvesting. Years later, in an uneventful, none-earth-shaking, sublimely subtle moment I realized that I now have the life I wanted. The Universe did not respond to my frustration, impatience and sense of urgency. The Universe delivered on its own timing. 

Whatever it is you are wishing for, today is a good day to accept life as it is. Nothing will change until you accept who you are, where you are and what is at this moment. You don't have to like it. You just have to be aware of it. Your current conditions are not permanent. Be thankful for your life situation, especially that which you don't yet understand. Ask for what you want and let it go. The Universe's clock works perfectly. When your prayer is answered, the time will be just right. 

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