Thursday, July 18, 2013

Medallion thinking

I am holding a medallion in my hand. It is a large coin. On one side it has an elaborate design. On the other side it has an engraved oath. This second side is not as beautiful or inspiring as the first one. You can appreciate each side on its own, but it is the entire piece that is valuable.

We are much like this medallion–with one side of us much nicer than another. We can't ignore either side. We have to go into medallion thinking, in which we recognize that our value is in our whole being. Our wholeness holds the key to the highest expression of ourselves. We acknowledge each aspect of us–the pretty and the not so pretty, the caring and the selfish, the understanding and the temperamental, the helpful and the impatient, the generous and the mistrustful–as past of our full self.

In order for us to fulfill our purpose, to achieve our dreams and become the best version of ourselves, we need to embrace all of us, our precise mix of qualities.

Do not deny any part of you. Today is a good day to think of yourself as a medallion: all of you is worthy and valuable. Once you do, you open the door to the awareness of how to best use your unique blend of traits, especially those that you don't consider to be your best.

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