Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Master and servant

Ahh. A day full of opportunities. Time is on our side. We pull out a blank sheet of paper and write one thing to do...then another. Then we remember a few things we left undone yesterday. We write them down. Life can't be all work and no play, so we schedule a lunch date. As we head out the door with our day planned, uneasiness sets in. The sheet of paper now stares at us defiantly. Will we really get to do everything we have now committed to? Will we make it on time?

Our obligations are many times self-imposed. We are our masters...and our servants. Why do we dichotomize ourselves this way? Surely there is a more consecrated way of honoring ourselves, of leading our lives. Maybe the answer is in our point of view. Do we accept as blessings everything we get to do or do we begrudge everything we have to do?

Today is a good day to get out of our master/servant mentality. Let's look at our life situation through the lens of good fortune. If our current conditions are not what we want them to be, then let's accept them as the temporary state in which we learn and grow, in which we move closer to our purpose, to our the life we desire.

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