Friday, July 26, 2013


I am learning that being present is the key to being patient. When I am present, I do not linger in the past and I am not agitated by what I am waiting for. In fact, when I am present, I find all I need.

We cannot have our mind on the past and simultaneously on the present moment. As well as we cannot keep our minds on the future and on what is happening right now. Moving to the present moment can be difficult when you first enter this awareness, but with practice it becomes easier. In fact, in time, present moment living becomes a safe haven and possible to do without much effort.

When we bring our attention to this moment, we become actively patient. Aware of this moment, we connect to strength of spirit, we exercise faith and we tap into the magic that brews in the silence within. It is easy when we are scared to rush into jobs, relationships, partnerships and situations in order for us to feel a sense of certainty. We do this, too, when we are confused and when we are hurt. We don't wait for the answers and we push to be over the pain, quickly. Yet, when we are present, we find comfort. When we are not present, not patient and we rush into something, we inhibit the blessings that would be ours, the insight and creativity. We put ourselves in forced situtations. We restrict the flow. We struggle to get to a place of peace and well-being.

Presence has become my mantra. It relieves the urgency and brings to the surface a sense of calm and peace. Presence also yields wisdom. When I am present, I receive the knowing I need and understanding of the events of my life. The biggest gift I receive from being present is that I enjoy life, every moment. Being patient and being present go hand in hand.

Today is a good day to tap into your present moment awareness. Let it help you build patience...patience for the moment and for this season of your life. Patiently being in this moment will present you with clarity, knowing and joy. The gift of presence is the gift feeling loved, guided and protected. The gift of presence is being loved, guided and protected. You get there with patience and you get to patience by being present. 

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