Monday, July 15, 2013

All or nothing

I was writing in a café when I got distracted by a conversation two tables away. Four beautiful women were talking about their dissatisfactions with life and declaring what they want from the Universe. I want a job, a cushy office, an assistant, six-weeks paid vacation...and on goes the list of specifics. I want a partner, athletic, funny, with no children, financially stable...and on goes the list. I want a new place to live, in the country, with a view, where there is mild weather, new construction...and on goes the list. Boy, we get so specific about what we want. We are encouraged by the Secreteers to be specific, to ask for exactly what we want, to wish, to intend and voilà, as if by magic, it shall appear. We then get disappointed when it does not. We get nothing.

We want all or nothing. Well then, of course we will be disappointed. Our intentions are so one-sided that we limit our co-creative capacity. We declare that we want jobs. What if we changed our intention to: we want to use our talents, skills and abilities where they may be needed? When our intention is other than what's-in-it-for-me, the doors multiply. The jobs appear, together with satisfaction, contentment and material gain.

Our expectations are so set that we fail to see the opportunities around us, especially when looking for a partner. What if we changed our intention to: may I love who I need to love? Suddenly love appears. The specifics are not important because we love. Spirit joins us in commonality, respect, joy and happiness.

Today is a good day to let go of our requests for all or nothing. Let us be open in mind and heart. Let us be willing to see more than our preferences. Let us cooperate in creating the life we want by seeing the opportunities available to us. In our willingness lies the secret to a happy and fulfilled life.

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