Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The conductors

Yesterday was a particularly hectic day. There were many things that I had to do on a professional and personal level. There were many things that depended on someone else taking action and on other things happening. In the course of the day, I interacted with many different people, the majority of which were difficult and hard of character and thought. In the end, I accomplished what I needed to, but the shifts in energy left me stressed, drained and tired.

Our bodies are energy. At the molecular level, that is all we are, energy. As conduits, we give off and receive energy that is either positive or negative. Many times we come across people who are rigid, pessimistic and unyielding. When we do, there is a stop to the flow of life. Life continues, but there's a struggle and an unpleasantness about things. Then there are times we come across those who are flexible, allowing and willing. In the presence of these people, we flow.

Why does the energy of those we deal with matter? Because it affects our energy. We radiate this energy and, in turn, it affects others. Have you been in the presence of people who instantly make you feel calm? They are a conductor of positive and healing energy, the effect of which stays with us for a while.

Staying in a negative field of energy has detrimental effects on our mind and our bodies. There is a pharmaceutical drug commercial that says "depression hurts". It does. Negative life energy affects us to the point that physical symptoms match our emotional state leading to disease, lack of stamina and an overall sense of unhealthiness.

When I got home last night, my son sensed the change in my energy. I was sneezing. I never do. He smiled, hugged me and stayed with me until my energy lifted. We didn't talk about it. We just rested in each other's presence. He is one of those higher vibrating people. I remembered then that I can't change the mind of others, but I can remain aware of my energy and choose to shift it and affect the energy around me.

Today is a good day to be a conductor of life affirming energy. Instead of blocking, let's allow. Let's be aware of the energy we are giving off at the moment. If we are stuck, negative and pessimistic, let's acknowledge it and then choose to shift into the positive.

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