Monday, September 15, 2014

My secret superpower

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As kids, we would all watch cartoons. There was always a super hero or two in each episode who impressed us. We wished we had their superpowers. Imagining we could climb buildings with spider-like ease or breathe under water while commanding sea creatures were fun thoughts we would get lost in in our spare time. And we had plenty of spare time back then when we didn’t have so many cable channels, game consoles, tablets and the internet.

There were times at school or in our neighborhoods in which things didn’t run as smoothly as we wished. We got bullied, were made fun of or were alienated by the older kids. Other times, somebody else got the undivided attention of our crush or there was a particular teacher that would get on our case constantly. It was then that we wished we had super-strength, super-looks, a powerful mechanical suit, millionaire parents, the power to turn invisible or x-ray vision so we could overcome these challenges in swift and magical ways. Yet to really face and overcome these challenges in a heroic manner, we need to develop new skills to surmount difficult situations in a respectable way for ourselves. We fine tune social skills that help us come out ahead, learn to appreciate the abilities and enjoy the company of a quieter and more intelectual bunch, learn how to connect with people outside our traditional hangouts, develop a knack for comedy to diffuse tense situations with humor, discover the power of empathy, the strength of words and realize we are not powerless in any challenging situation. Thus we develop our personal powers, our interpersonal strengths. Mine is the power of laughter. I am very good with humor and I make my power stronger by practicing it as a comedian in my spare time. It is something I take pleasure in and share with others.

As a sign of our times, this need to fine tune and revamp our social skills is hampered by video games and the overwhelming availability of entertainment on the internet. These don’t make it imperative for us to break out of our shell. And as adults we face more complex situations that require greater resolve and skill, situations in which we would indeed have very good use of some kind of special superpower. These days we have the choice to chide away from the opportunity to grow and take refuge in the comfort of a fictitious virtual world, play games that make us feel powerful, even if deceivingly so, or develop several social media profiles that boost our ego and need for approval. Instead we could seize the opportunity to face with the same heroic determination our situations and challenges. That’s what I did. In the process I developed a superpower.

My superpower is not easily shared, as it is not easily understood, for only remaining focused with steel-like determination, remaining unbreakably calm as we face the onslaught of uncertainty and the unknown consequences of others’ actions, only with profound and sagacious clarity of purpose can this superpower be activated. In times of great peril we must make heroic choices. This is when I gather all of my strength and will to manifest my superpower. I have the power to change the future and the secret source of my superpower is meditation.

Meditation, my secret source of power, helps me remain clear, calm and undisturbed by events or attitudes beyond my control. Meditation helps me remain focused on my goals and dreams without being attached to outcomes, that I may vibrate at the frequency I have chosen and manifest in my life the joy, love, health and abundance that I aspire to make part of my daily life. Meditation centers me on the now so I can make assertive choices today that will transform my future–choices not based on ego, not based on reflex reactions to the environments’ negative or egotistical stimuli. Through meditation I acquire the superpower to remain calm and collected to understand the dynamics that I am participating in and am a part of so that I can assert the adequate course of action, one that reflects compassion, love and joy. In meditation I come to trust in the omniscient wisdom of Spirit and the path that I am on.


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